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Future Dialogue enables better working life

The WORK2030 programme generated innovations that help industries and organisations build a common understanding of the future while strengthening their anticipatory competence. Future Dialogue is a free tool that enables anyone to craft a regenerative and improved working life.  


Working life transition requires innovation

The WORK2030 programme started in 2020 as a part of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s government platform. Led by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the program was guided by the vision that by 2030 Finland will become a leading working life innovator, and the country will rank number one in global occupational well-being.

“No single operator can achieve the grand-scale change that modern working life needs. Digitalisation is changing working file, baby boomers are exiting the labor pool, workforce is decreasing, and at the same time new jobs are being introduced while old ones are becoming obsolete. Constant change requires a shared vision of the future and a new way to think about working life,” WORK2030’s Program Director Sanna Kulmala says.

The WORK2030 programme’s goal was to produce innovations and concrete tools for improving working life and provide them for free for everyone to use. To enable versatile and fruitful dialogue, involving a wealth of stakeholders was key.


Shaping the future through continuous and systematic dialogue

One of the WORK2030 programme’s key innovations is the Future Dialogue method that was conceptualised in collaboration with Gofore.

“We wanted to find out how we could create a systematic approach for industries and organisations to engage in future-oriented dialogue and thus strengthen their anticipatory competence and ability to change. Gofore implemented our brief by compiling the Future Dialogue model with a developmental and customer-oriented touch in collaboration with our network. We expected nothing but quality from Gofore, and that’s precisely what we got,” says Laura Sarparanta, Working Life Development Consultant for the WORK2030 programme.

Gofore utilised the programme’s long-running development work and previous collaborations within different fields in creating the Future Dialogue concept. Development work and service design were carried out with a focus on experimentation, and the model’s first versions were piloted in a matter of months. Pilot by pilot, the Future Dialogue method was composed through research, structuring and participation. The method was refined into easily adoptable guide materials in collaboration with a visual designer.

Gofore implemented our brief by compiling the Future Dialogue model with a developmental and customer-oriented touch in collaboration with our network. We expected nothing but quality from Gofore, and that’s precisely what we got.

Laura Sarparanta, Working Life Consultant, WORK2030 Programme


Anybody can create a better working life

Gofore’s year-long development project resulted in a finished Future Dialogue concept that can now be utilised in any industry or organisation. In addition to the concept, Future Dialogue’s implementation was supported by two highly visual workbooks and other support materials that are free to use for anyone.

“The project’s outcome is a turnkey solution that different industries and organisations can adopt. Future Dialogue is beneficial for anyone who wants to talk about the future and anticipate coming times. The method has proved to be a highly practical solution, and pilot participants have wanted to keep using it even after the pilot phase,” Sarparanta says.

Future Dialogue creates a shared understanding between different parties and strengthens anticipatory competence, ability to change, and collaboration for different industries and workplaces. It is also a tool for improving the attractiveness, productivity, and well-being for work. Organisations can utilise the method to ensure continuous and regular dialogue as required in the Finnish cooperation act.

For example, the pilot projects saw Future Dialogue being applied to solve how two different seasonally employing industries could develop their competence, culture and modes of operation that enable a single person to operate within both industries.

“Here we have a tangible way for anyone to start spreading working life change. The more parties engage in Future Dialogue, the more our society is ready for the coming working life transition,” says Maiju Kinnunen, Gofore’s Service Designer involved in the project.

Are you interested in Future Dialogue? Learn more about the method and download materials at For more information about the WORK2030 programme and its stakeholders please visit the program’s website.

Project highlights


Part of the WORK2030 programme, Gofore involved in conceptualising a systematic approach for future-oriented dialogue that strengthens anticipatory competence for industries and organisations.


Gofore utilised service design, future design and visual design methods in crafting the Future Dialogue concept. The method was developed in collaboration with different industries through pilots, research, participation, and experimentation. 


The Future Dialogue method and supporting materials are freely available for interested parties. The systematic dialogue method enables anyone to craft a regenerative and improved working life within their industry or organisation. 

Project in numbers

  • 6 pilots
  • 13 dialogue events
  • 120 participants in dialogue events
  • 2 visual workbooks and other support materials


These skills were used

  • Conseptualisation
  • Designing the future
  • Service design
  • Graphic design

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