Our story

In a digitally disrupted world, services will be constantly reinvented. We help organisations to transform themselves to stay current in the ever-changing environment and to capitalize on new opportunities – enabling them to beat the competition.

Bringing about changes to existing organisational structure, processes and systems isn’t enough. The company culture needs to be transformed. We help our customers to navigate change and build capabilities that enable continuous development at all stages of digitalisation.


We shape the digital future.

Our methods are based on our own strong company culture with a burning passion for work as the corner stone. For us, maintaining the best workplace by empowering and encouraging our people to use their talents is a matter of honour. With this approach, we ensure that our teams are highly motivated and their enthusiasm inspires and enthuses others.

We offer expert knowledge in digitalisation,

the latest technologies, and a vast range of comprehensive services – from planning and deployment to maintenance. Our aim is to support our customers in times of digital disruption so that they can focus on their core businesses and shine at what they do best.

More than 16 years experience designing digitalisation

Gofore business operations started in 2002, and is an international growth-seeking digitalisation services company. In the spring of 2017, we acquired Leadin, one of the leading companies in service design. This acquisition provides us with even greater potential to grow and expand our capabilities. In the autumn of 2018, the Gofore story was expanded with the acquisition of Helsinki-based Solinor, a specialist in digital solutions.

Best workplace in Finland and second in Europe

We’re made up of more than 480 people – top experts in our industry who are our company’s heart, brain, and hands. We want to be the best workplace for the best thinkers and doers – in this way our customers will receive the best there is to offer. We were chosen as the best workplace in Finland and the second best in Europe in 2017.


Our mission is to change the world for the better

through digitalisation

Our vision is to be the driving force in digital transformation


by renewing
ways of working

Our vision is to be recognised for our innovative company culture and as the best possible workplace

Our values guide our business

1. Gofore is a great workplace.

2. Gofore thrives on customer success.

Best workplaces in europe 2017
Best workplaces in Finland 2017