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HelsinkiJS meet up: Optimising React Native performance

Our recent tech meet up, organised by HelsinkiJS, brought together tech enthusiasts eager to expand their knowledge and share their expertise. The event featured a series of engaging presentations, with a focus on Juha Linnanen, Head of Mobile Development at Gofore. Juha’s talk on improving React Native performance offered valuable insights that resonated with our tech-savvy audience.

Making React Native faster: What we learned

Juha’s presentation delved into the world of React Native and how to make it run better on different devices. In the tech world, developers often focus on creating apps that work well on top-of-the-line devices, unintentionally neglecting issues that may arise on less powerful hardware. Juha discussed the challenges faced when working on a large React Native app and the moment they realised it performed poorly on a basic Android device. This revelation highlighted the need for significant improvements and emphasized the importance of ensuring apps run smoothly on a wide range of devices.

Juha shared the specific changes made to enhance the app’s performance, demonstrating the significant impact these adjustments had on its functionality. For our tech-savvy audience, Juha’s presentation served as a reminder of the importance of considering the performance of apps on various devices.

Special shout out to Yle for letting Juha speak and demo the actual app, Yle app, where the performance improvements were implemented. It made the presentation much more concrete and relatable.

Exploring Nue JS: A new web development option

In his talk, Tero Piirainen introduced us to Nue JS, a modern JavaScript library that has the potential to be a strong contender in web development. Tero emphasized how Nue JS aims to streamline the development process by minimizing the layers of abstraction often encountered in other frameworks. This simplicity enables developers to focus more on crafting their application’s core functionality, rather than grappling with complex code structures. Although this topic might seem daunting due to its novelty, Tero made it accessible by highlighting the unique strengths and approach of Nue JS.
For tech enthusiasts looking to expand their skill set, Tero’s presentation offered insights into the possibilities that this emerging technology can bring to their web development projects. If you are interested in the topic, read more on Nue JS • Introduction 

Multithreading in Node.js: Benefits and challenges

Nairi Harutyunyan’s presentation explored the world of multithreading in Node.js, a topic of interest to tech enthusiasts seeking better application performance. Nairi discussed the advantages and disadvantages of implementing multithreading and provided insights into what the future holds for this technology. The ability to use multiple CPU cores, process data in parallel, and handle multiple requests simultaneously captured the attention of our tech-savvy audience. Nairi also addressed the challenges of multithreading, such as ensuring code safety and managing complex code, addressing concerns shared by our experienced developers. Read more on the topis Node.js Multithreading: Executing Callbacks in Separate Threads

It was great that we had a full house and the topics aroused interest! We look forward to more such gatherings, where bright minds in tech can come together to exchange ideas and shape the future of our industry.

In an inspiring community of experts, we find the best solutions and learn new perspectives.

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