Virta offers scalable smart grid solutions for charging electric vehicles at home, work and along the way. Connecting all key players in the ecosystem, Virta aims to speed up the switch to electric vehicles on a global scale. Gofore’s aim is to accelerate Virta’s services into the mainstream with the help of interaction, usability and appealing visuals.

The electric vehicle charging company Virta needs tools for building innovative services with simple interaction and next-to-none user experience.

Usability and service design support

Gofore focuses on anticipating user needs, ensuring that Virta’s digital interfaces are easy to access, understand and use. To support these goals, Gofore brings forth appealing visuals and graphics for digital touchpoints.

Beyond user friendliness

To give the services that little extra, Gofore analyzes Virta’s services’ performance, design, utility and ergonomics, as well as the overall human interaction and marketing performance.

Based on this knowledge, Virta gets the necessary insights and tools for improving their services, to meet their users’ wants and needs, and to anticipate new ways of interaction. This stirs positive feedback and increases user engagement, which in turn speeds up the journey towards sustainable transportation.

Marko Kuusniemi

Digital Business Coach

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