Digital maturity model for Smart Cities

Cities have multiple challenges to tackle these days.

At the same time there’s pressure to be carbon-free, to be sustainable both environmentally but also from an ethical perspective, and to be able to serve the citizens in a personalized manner, but without wasting valuable resources.

Digitalization is in a key position in solving these challenges. Usually, digitalization is seen from a purely technical perspective but we see eight dimensions in digitalization:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Renewable business models
  • Processes
  • People and culture
  • Ecosystems and interoperability
  • Technology
  • Knowledge and Data

Based on these aspects we have created a Digital maturity model for Smart Cities. The model provides a frame of reference for the current state of digitalization and renewal of the organization.

Digital maturity model consists of

  • Personnel survey
  • Detailed maturity of each eight aspects
  • Maturity profile report
  • Steps how to go forward

Benefits of the Digital Maturity Model

Based on the feedback from our customers the Digital maturity model the model work enables:

Current state analysis

Knowledge of your city’s digital maturity state helps see what aspects need work and enables self-assessment and independent audit.


The model makes digital transformation measurable.

Comprehensive knowledge

The model covers comprehensively the aspects of digital transformation and renewal – not just the technology aspect

Planning the future

The model helps to identify the next targeted steps in the digital development

We would love to measure your organization's digital maturity!

Tommi Rasinmäki

Head of Business, AI Advisory

+358 40 8479 032

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