event - 7 April 2021

GTalks: Day in the life of DevOps team – Download webinar recording

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What does an average day in the DevOps team look like and what benefits does it bring to software development? Download the webinar recording (aired 7.4.2021)!

So that you can foster a culture that creates continuous customer value and promotes well-being of developers, every decision and day has a role to play. The webinar provides hands-on tips on how to streamline software development while getting rid of bugs in production, the weekend testing drum, and doing trivial things. The goal of the webinar is to provide inspiration on how a development organization can focus on creating something new and building customer value. Every day.

Event themes: 

  • The course of the day in the DevOps team
  • The benefits of the DevOps business model for day-to-day operations
  • DevOps as a cure for traditional software development challenges


  • Juhana Harmanen, Head of Web Development, is responsible for web development at Gofore and he strives to renew and nurture the web skills of Goforeans to meet the current and future needs of our customers
  • Jani Haapala, DevOps Architect, is an experienced DevOps expert and works as a DevOps architect at Gofore
  • Jaakko Salonen – Software Architect

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Wed 7.4.



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