event - 7 April 2021

GTalks: Real DevOps = A culture of shared prosperity – Download webinar recording

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What kind of lessons does DevOps offer to create a thriving software development culture and how to support change through monitoring? Download the webinar recording (aired 7.4.2021)!

DevOps is an operating culture where value for customers and the well-being of developers go hand in hand. In order for the DevOps operating model to be scalable across the organization, it needs a culture of psychological safety to support it, characterized by strong leadership and continuous competence development. In addition, pertinent monitoring plays a big role in building sustainable change.

Our webinar discusses the fundamentals of a DevOps culture that creates positive customer value – the factors that help create lovable digital services.

Webinar themes: 

  • The basics of a thriving software development culture
  • Towards good developer experience and better customer value with DevOps: psychological safety, motivation and relevance
  • Essential goals and monitoring to support change


  • Jani Haapala, DevOps Architect, has years of experience with DevOps and he works as a DevOps architect at Gofore.
  • Taru Hermunen-Kuusela, Senior Consultant, is an experienced human-centered change expert who works as a senior consultant at CCEA (part of Gofore Group).

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Wed 7.4.


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