event - 1 April 2021

GTalks: What is Real DevOps and sustainable value creation? – Download webinar recording

  • Digital Society
  • Intelligent Industry

What is the DevOps method and how can it be used to develop a sustainable value creation culture? Download the webinar recording (aired 1.4.2021)!

In the DevOps method, culture and technology work in harmony, and at its best, it revolutionizes the ability for organisation to generate value. DevOps can be used to create an ability to evolve, develop, and ultimately generate value faster for a variety of stakeholders. Maintaining and improving quality is an integral part of DevOps and can also increase an organisation’s capacity for innovation and fostering wellbeing.

Webinar themes: 

  • DevOps human factors – cultural change
  • DevOps requirements – the basics and principles
  • Tools and technologies
  • What skills are needed?
  • DevOps phenomena


  • Eeva Kiiskinen, Transformation Lead, is a specialist in organisational design and change management at Gofore.
  • Tommi Ferm, Head of Offering, is responsible for Gofore’s digital quality assurance services.
  • Jani Haapala, DevOps Architect, has years of experience working with DevOps and is currently working at Gofore as a DevOps Architect.

Download the webinar recording


Thu 1.4.


Webinar recording

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