event - 7 June 2023

Recording: We Stand With Pride!

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The leading Finnish digital consultancies Gofore, Siili Solutions, Solita and Vincit warmly welcome you to join us in a We Stand With Pride! online event and panel discussion. In this event we will discuss what we can do as companies, leaders, and colleagues to promote and support an inclusive and LGBTQI+ friendly culture, especially in the IT field. 

The event starts with a keynote speech by a DEI & LGBTQI+ Consultant Dakota Robin and continues with a panel discussion on how to build and support an inclusive working culture. The panel discussion is facilitated by Nea Höynälä from Inklusiiv. The event is in English.

Panel discussion participants: 

Dakota Robin, DEI & LGBTQI+ Consultant 

Ella Lopperi, People lead & Shop steward, Gofore 

Matti Kiviluoto, Agile coach, Siili Solutions 

Outi Sivonen, CHRO, Solita 

Julius Manni, CEO, Vincit

Watch the recording here


Dakota Robin

DEI & LGBTQI+ Consultant 

Dakota Robin is well known as one of the most understanding, energetic and inspiring leaders who vibrates goodwill, confidence and passion for life. He is not afraid to challenge the old structures of society and break stereotypes in order to make everybody feel more free and enough just as they are.

Dakota travels the world, educating diversity management, equality, self-awareness, human connections and inclusion. With his positive energy and endless intensity, Dakota will challenge you to live life fearlessly and inspire you to be who you truly are – without trying to fit in.

Nea Höynälä

DEI Specialist – Inklusiiv

Nea is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, moderator, and DEI expert with over 8 years of experience working with tech startups and global stock-listed companies.

Nea’s core expertise is in creating inclusive cultures, LGBTQ+ allyship, inclusive marketing & communications, and accessibility. She has a knack for engaging audiences and bringing complex DEI topics to life through her dynamic and compelling storytelling.

Watch the recording here


Wed 7.6. at 10:00-11:00

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