Model-Based Design – Why and How?

A down to earth information package about the benefits and practise of model-based design.

The benefits of model-based design

  • 1. Improved design quality
  • 2. Reduced development time and cost
  • 3. Increased collaboration and communication between teams
  • 4. Better design decisions
  • 5. Enhanced system understanding

Practical guide into the world of model-based design

This is a practical introduction to model-based design for engineers working with machines and devices, control systems, and automation.

After reading this guide you will have an understanding of the model-based design process and the steps included. You will also be able to evaluate the possible benefits you get from switching to model-based design in your own work.

We use a made-up machine example to provide a hands-on walkthrough of the steps involved.

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Webinar recording on Model-based Design and physics based Digital Twins

Learn the main benefits and principles of model-based design with this webinar recording

Read more and download the recording

Download the free-of-charge guide to model-based design

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