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Gofore rated best workplace among Finnish private investors

Gofore’s long-term development as an employer has been rated highly in a reputation survey, where Gofore scored higher points than any other listed company. Known for its active financial reporting, Gofore also strives to be Finland’s most transparent workplace.  

Gofore was scored highest in the workplace category of the wide annual Reputation&Trust survey by T-media and Finnish associations for promoting share saving, among Finnish private investors’ views on 81 listed companies. Gofore’s overall reputation was also rated well: of all companies, Gofore was 10th best, and fifth best out of mid cap companies. Gofore’s overall reputation score was a high 3.90 (on a scale of 1-5, study average 3.56), and Gofore’s score as a workplace as high as 4.22.

Gofore has for long been known as a company that works hard to renew working life and to develop its employee experience.

”It’s a great honor to be regarded as the best workplace within Nasdaq Helsinki. This is important to both investors and our crew, potential employees, and customers. We’re a digital consultancy, so people and their expertise are our product, our everything. Hence, we have also wanted to make this dimension as transparent as possible to investors, and apparently succeeded”, comments Gofore’s Director of People Operations Sanna Hildén.

The workplace aspect is a relevant part of Gofore’s financial reporting that represents the most transparent top of the stock exchange. Gofore publishes human resource related key figures in a monthly business review. Investor interest in the IT industry focuses, after all, largely on human-centric matters such as wellbeing, commitment, and attrition.

”Behind a winning employer image, there must be concrete working life action. Our achievements include e.g. adding the ratio of women on our crew, management and Board, continuous training, supporting wellbeing, and designing future working life with our own example, such as creating together with our staff our own, company-specific collective agreement, ethics code and culture book”, Hildén continues.

Being a good workplace has been a strong part of Gofore ever since its founding 20 years ago.  Gofore’s values are still the same as then: the company wants to be the best possible workplace for everyone and thrive through customer success. Good employee experience and strong communality will continue to be important differentiators for Gofore in the IT sector’s competitive workforce market.

Gofore has previously been awarded Engineer Employer of the Year in September, and the employer brand of the year in November 2021. At the end of August 2022, Gofore employed
1,086 professionals in 12 locations in Finland and abroad.

How it was surveyed

The Reputation&Trust 2022 Listed Companies study researched 81 listed companies’ reputation among private investors, according to the Nasdaq market value classification. Reputation was measured with eight categories: governance, finance, management, innovation, dialogue, products & services, workplace and corporate responsibility. 

The study’s target group was over 15 year-old Finnish private investors nationwide. A total of 16, 847 Finnish people took part in the study, giving a total of 24,353 company scores. 

In the mid cap category, ahead of Gofore in the overall reputation were in this order Ponsse (1st), WithSecure, Marimekko and Harvia.

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