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Inside information: Gofore Plc’s Business Review 1-31 May 2024: Net sales at 16.8 million euros, significant deal with National Police Board of Finland

Gofore Plc
11 June 2024 at 9 a.m EET
Inside Information 

Inside information: Gofore Plc’s Business Review 1-31 May 2024: Net sales at 16.8 million euros, significant deal with National Police Board of Finland 

Inside information: In May 2024, Gofore’s net sales were 16.8 (17.2) million euros. The Group’s last 12-month (LTM) pro forma net sales were 192.3 million euros in. The Group employed 1,455 (1,400) people at the end of May. 

CEO Mikael Nylund comments: 

”Gofore’s net sales decreased somewhat from April’s. Our utilization rate however continued its upward trend. As we have done since the second half of last year, we cautiously recruit for direct customer needs only. 

Customers’ savings continue to affect project portfolios, which means scaling down or even cancelling certain projects. Simultaneously, a healthy number of new projects have begun. In May, we were e.g. chosen to renew the Finnish police’s firearms registry with the National Police Board of Finland. Development of the new system is followed by maintenance and possibly continued development. This five-year agreement is worth an estimated 10 million euros to us.   

A recent highlight has also been the result of our customer experience survey. Our NPS, i.e. net promoter score, was 65 in the spring, whereas it was 55 last fall. The IT services industry benchmark value we use is 36. This is an all-time high result for Gofore, and I am immensely proud of all Goforeans who have made this happen. 

Our society’s digitalisation journey so far and its future are crystallised in the first book we have ever published, released last week. ”Humanely digital Finland” paints a wide picture of societal digitalization through the eyes of well-known organisations, e.g. our customers Finnish Tax Administration, Digital and Population Data Services Agency, social security institution Kela, the State Treasury, retail co-op SOK and Finnish national broadcast company YLE. The keynotes describe Finland as a leading country in digitalisation, where the biggest change has only begun. Finland’s services are now developed with new methods and by listening to the people, and Gofore is very much involved in this work.” 

Key Figures 

The numbers are unaudited. 


Net sales, MEUR

Pro forma LTM
Net sales

Number of employees at end of period

No. of working days in Finland

Full Time Equivalent,

Subcontracting, FTE


16.9 (15.8)


1,463 (1,318)

 22 (21)

1,372 (1,225)

147 (186)


16.3 (15.3)


1,461 (1,342)

 21 (20)

1,372 (1,256)

149 (184)


16.0 (18.1)


1,456 (1,354)

20 (23)

1,371 (1,271)

160 (189)


17.0 (14.5)


1,456 (1,385)

21 (18)

1,372 (1,293)

155 (187)


16.8 (17.2)


1,455 (1,400)

21 (21)

1,369 (1,311)

159 (192)

Gofore’s financial reporting

In its monthly business review, Gofore discloses its monthly net sales, last twelve-month pro forma net sales and number of employees, as well as other indicators that help track the company’s growth strategy execution with comparison figures, such as the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) numbers that describe overall capacity and the ratio of subcontracting. Gofore publishes IAS34 compliant interim reports quarterly. 

The dates for financial communications in 2024 are available on Gofore’s IR website:



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Gofore is an international digital transformation consultancy with Finnish roots. We have over 1,400 impact-driven people in 19 locations across Finland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Estonia and Italy. With our technology and business expertise we build an equal digital society and create sustainable solutions for the intelligent industry. Our diverse group of professionals shares a pioneering ambition to create a more humane, sustainable and ethical digital world. Our values guide our business: Gofore is a great workplace that thrives on customer success. In 2023, our net sales amounted to EUR 189.2 million. Gofore Plc’s share is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. in Finland. Our vision is to be the most significant digital transformation consultancy in Europe. Learn to know us better at

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