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Gofore + Shadeshares Campaign

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Changing the world for the better isn’t just a state of mind, it’s about actions. We want all our actions to have a positive impact. Every year we choose collaborations that have that impact.
We have collaborated with Shadeshares, a company that puts their heart and soul, and expertise into ‘making good’. Shadeshare makes beautiful wooden sunglasses that aim to have a bigger positive impact than just sun protection.
The company was established by Finnish technology entrepreneur, Jan-Erik Westergård, and his Kenyan wife Veronica who strived to improve the lives in Kenyan slums by education and work. 30% of the sunglasses’ sales price is channeled to do good: 20% of every pair sold is directly spent on supporting the professional education and employment of young people living in the Kenia and 10% of the sunglasses’ sale price is donated to Finnish charities. We chose to support Icehearts. Icehearts is an organization that prevents young people’s social exclusion, enhances social skills and promotes well-being using team sports. They also provide consistent long-term support for vulnerable children in Finland.

Sharing good impact with wooden Shadeshare & Gofore collaboration sunglasses

We want to give away 20 pairs of wooden, hand-made, Shadeshare & Gofore collaboration sunglasses. Find our the campaign post on Gofore’s Instagram and tell your story about a positive moment in the comment section. You can give praise to your workmate that smiled at you, to the person making you a fresh morning coffee or to yourself for doing something great. We want to hear all impactful stories however big and small.
The campaign time is from June 19th to July 4th, after that we will randomly pic the winners and send direct messages to the lucky ones.


Campaign information

All glasses are handmade and different. The shades are made from lacquer coated wood from the outside and painted blue in the inside. Brown lenses are polarized and UV protected. Glasses retail prize is 86,80€ (including VAT 24%). You can choose from two different shapes, Rouvali or Eppu. The prize includes one pair of sunglasses shipped to receiver’s home address in Finland.
If you decide to participate in the campaign, we will collect your user name and name in order to carry out the lottery and contact the winners. We will process the data confidentially and we will not disclose the data to any third party. After the campaign, we will delete the data in a data secure manner. You can find more information, how Gofore processes personal information at
Campaign time is 19.6.–4.7.2019. The campaign will run in Gofore’s Instagram. Winners will be announced on July 4th via direct message. Gofore won’t publish the names of the winners publicly. You can participate in the campaign by commenting on a story about a positive impact. Participation is open to all people who live in Finland and are over 12 years old. Instagram has no part in the lottery. Gofore pays the lottery tax. All rights reserved.
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