The Tax Administration of Finland selected Gofore as the primary framework supplier of web technology and database expert services

The Tax Administration of Finland has selected Gofore, via a public procurement competition as the primary supplier for its expert IT services in web technology and the database services area as well as a secondary supplier of specialist cloud service area. Based on the volume announced in the procurement, the company estimates the total value of the agreement to be approximately EUR 10-20 million over the agreement period.

The procurement consists of ICT specialist resources to support defining, programming, testing and management of the Tax administration’s new and existing systems, as well as other technical know-how to support the Tax administration’s ICT. The framework consists of seven areas. For each area, three suppliers were selected with whom framework agreements are to be signed. Procurements inside the framework are made based on the placement of each supplier in the competition, and the primary supplier is used for all assignments separately ordered within the area.

The duration of the procurement is 6 years, and assignments commenced during this period may continue for up to 4 years after the expiration of the framework agreement. The total value of the procurement during the entire agreement period is estimated at EUR 50 million. The total amount of services to be procured and the needs of the different areas will vary from year to year.

Gofore was selected as the primary supplier of web technology and database expert services. The estimated resource requirements for this area are estimated to be 10 man-years from 2020 onwards.

Gofore would also have been selected as the primary supplier in the cloud specialist area, however under the competition rules each supplier can only be selected as a primary supplier in one area. The estimated resource requirements for this area are estimated to be 15 man-years / 2020, 20 man-years / 2021 and 15 man-years from 2022 onwards. In addition to the primary supplier, the company estimates that some of the procurement will go to second and third place suppliers.

The decision will be legally valid after the appeal period defined in the Procurement Act has passed.

Further enquiries:
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Certified Adviser: Evli Bank Plc, tel. +358 40 579 6210

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