Keep your eyes open and facing forward

The operating environment is changing, bringing almost limitless new possibilities. Staying on the sidelines is a sure way to miss out. The winners will be the ones who lead the change.

Leading digital transformation requires complete workplace cultural change. It starts with the leaders of the organisation and results in a unified entity that is more customer focused. We help you to recognise and understand developments in society and in the markets, as well as their effects on your organisation’s operational environment and business strategy.

Together, we can create a vision that guides change and encourages an open and enthusiastic culture where new operational methods and better customer experiences are constantly developed and created.

  • Digital business and strategy

  • Implementing change requires a common direction.
  • Work culture redesign

  • Sustaining successful business by harnessing culture.
  • Customer orientation development

  • Customer understanding at the heart of operations and strategic development projects.
  • Analyses

  • Vast amounts of data and its profitable utilisation requires advanced analytics.
  • Agile methods

  • Choosing the best agile method requires sound expertise

Business design, explained

What is Business design? How should customer needs be taken into account in strategic decision making? This brand new Gofore’s Business design booklet gives you answers to these questions.

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