Smart City development without great investments

Use the full potential of your city’s existing infrastructure

We will help you create smart city services without heavy infrastructure investments

Cities already have a lot of knowledge about citizens but the data is scattered in various places. In order to create human-centric, smart, and trust-based societies, the utilisation of data plays a crucial role.

Gofore can help you develop smart services using the existing resources and without spending millions on new systems or infrastructure.

We know the city organisations and can help you in all city departments

  • Lead digitalisation at a strategic and also project level
  • Manage the change
  • Measure the results
  • Help increase knowledge
  • Take full potential out of your city’s existing systems and infrastructure
  • With an ethical and human-centric approach

From complex data sets to easy to use and personalised services

Human-centric strategy creation and service network management

When planning services for specific demographic groups, for example, families, students, senior citizens, or even businesses, we can help you to:

  • Understand the complexity of end-user demand in terms of quantity, quality, and location
  • Define and organise the right service packages based on end-user demand types or segments
  • Define impactful end-user needs-based development objectives
  • Understand the service system conditions and manage the system complexity
  • Manage the needed systemic transformations with the right measures
  • Develope and manage the service delivery with the right end-user interaction service models
  • Execute the strategy with experimentations, co-creation, and continuous learning practices
  • Develope data and analytics capabilities for ethical end-user data utilisation

Urban planning in the digital environment

City planning

Our experts provide support in all aspects of proactive city planning from help in data management to digital tools, and human-centric leadership:

  • Digital strategy to ensure controlled development
  • Digital tools for proactive city planning
  • Support in change and change management
  • From multiple systems to one platform – agile -designed system for administrative and residential users
  • Support in software development as a part of future city planning
  • Knowledge of management as a provider of proactive services
  • Support in city-to-developer relationship: agile software development into an urban planning worksheet

From vision to measurable transformation

Digitalisation strategy and change management

Our Digital Acceleration services help you to find the fast track for your digital development by:

  • Measuring and analysing the digital maturity of your organisation
  • Benchmarking your state of digitalisation to your peer organisations
  • Clarifying the meaning of digitalisation for your organisation
  • Defining the vision and digitalisation strategy including prioritised development themes
  • Identifying your current capabilities and prioritised development needs
  • Creating a digital development program that implements digitalisation strategy into the actionable development portfolio
  • Managing and leading the change and digital transformation in your organisation

Let us measure your digital maturity!

Find out what aspects of your organisation supports future services and get concrete steps on how to grow your digital maturity.

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