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Work like a mom at Gofore

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What is it like to work at Gofore and be a parent? As an organisation Gofore supports work-life balance. This said, all employees can enjoy their free and family time and also achieve their career goals. We see our organisation as a community of human beings, not as a machine. Gofore exists to make a positive impact, not only financially, but also to employees, their families, customers and all stakeholders.

Sometimes being a parent seems pretty hectic, so we asked a few parents about their work-life balance. These are stories from Goforean mothers about their everyday life (however, in the midst of the corona pandemic and remote work) with their children.


I hear a happy ”mommy”!

Children's train trackKid smiling at a mirrorKid on a bikeride

“These past few weeks haven’t been easy – being a mother, a cook, a nurse, a kindergarten teacher, a driver, a friend and everything in between at the same time. I have been doing full workdays and then night shifts with the toddler. I miss interactions with other adults.

That being said, it has also been wonderful. I can see my son during the day and every time he hears me come in (I’m working in our garage) I hear a happy ”mommy!” For him, being so small and not really knowing how to play with other children, this has probably been great! He gets to hang out with his daddy during the day and mommy in the afternoon. As much as I’d like this to be over and done with, I also wouldn’t change one moment of it.”

Iina Korpivaara, Talent Management Specialist



“This is what our daily lives look like in remote work. Children romp around in the kitchen with their mopeds and hobby horses, they bring their stuffed animals to daycare and go to “the office”. Soon they come back and say that “it was a tough day”, take the plush and leave for a new round. Repeat this sequence of events in your mind at least ten times. My loved ones.”

Outi Määttä, Business Lead, Industry



“This is me and my daughter having a morning snuggle, or as we call it, “a shnuggle”. She always wakes up before me and comes into my bed for a cuddle. Sometimes I continue dozing while she wriggles around restlessly, other times we might discuss big things like: is it ok to have chocolate bars for breakfast, what is a fortune teller and do wishing stars exist (like we did this morning).

Remote work has allow for a more peaceful start to the day instead of the usual manic rush, so we can shnuggle a bit longer. Morning shnuggle has been our routine since forever and one of my favourite things about motherhood.”

Tiia Hietala, Events and Cloud Business Accelerator


Happy Mother’s Day to all amazing moms – enjoy the day with your loved ones!

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