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Gofore is the leading X-Road technology partner.

Everyone deserves a reliable digital ecosystem

We believe in digitalisation as a force for good. Digital societies and data ecosystems are built around trust and transparency. X-Road is one of the solutions that enables this. Additionally, it is secure, flexible and open-source. X-Road is comprehensively used as a national data exchange layer in Estonia and Finland – front-runner nations in e-Governance.

Gofore is a trusted technology partner for X-Road. We have extensive experience in designing, developing and deploying digital society solutions at national and organisational levels around the world.

With us, you can realise your digital society vision!

We can help you with

Strategic consultancy

How to increase the digital maturity? Where to start? Why and how X-Road can support digital society and services?

Architecture consultancy

How to build the success on top of your strenghts? Definition of roadmap and enterprise architecture. Design for X-Road implementation and related services.

Service and application development

Design and implementation of human-centric services and applications. Utilizing the opportunities that X-Road enables.

Training and support

Would you like the get the fast introduction to X-Road or upscale the skills of your ecosystem. We can help you with your challenges on any scale.

Do you want to get started with X-Road?

Gofore provides professional support and training sessions to organisations that are interested in the option to deploy this open-source data exchange solution.

Read more on our X-Road training.

Our consultations with X-Road include implementation support, software developments, trainings for local experts and upgrades to the newest versions of X-Road. This means that we can help you all the way, if you are considering implementing free and open-source data exchange solution.

Tuuli Pärenson, International Business Development, Gofore Plc

See also

X-Road leaflet

If you want to see why, what and how X-Road could be applied in your context, feel free to download our X-Road leaflet.

Download X-Road leaflet

X-Road video introduction

This introduction video gives you a better view on X-Road – it’s core idea and benefits. Video is property of RIA.

X-Road video

X-Road community site

The global X-Road Community is for anyone interested in X-Road®. It’s about learning from others and sharing the skills and experiences of how to create better digital services both technically and business-wise.

X-Road community site

X-Road is a modular, easy-to-use, cloud-native, secure data exchange solution. X-Road is thriving as a core digital infrastructure component in the Nordic and EU countries and is a worldwide known technology solution.

X-Road Vision 2022, X-Road Community

Build a human-centric digital society with us.

We connect government, businesses and citizens into a network of co-creation. In this way we can create human-centric solutions, seamless customer experience and more open society.

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International Business Development


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