Rethinking lunch payments


Rethinking lunch payments

As smartphones are quickly replacing cash and cards in people’s pockets, Gofore joins Edenred to rethink lunch payments for hundreds of thousands of people.

Edenred is the leading employee benefit solutions provider in Finland. Every day, tens of thousands of Edenred’s lunch vouchers and cards are used to pay for meals – making them one of the most popular employee benefits in Finnish workplaces.

From pieces to bits

To uphold their position as a market leader, Edenred envisions to digitalize its services. With smartphones quickly becoming a commodity as common as a wallet, and more common than the paper within, the company decides to replace printed lunch vouchers and cards with a mobile payment solution.

Multidisciplinary team work

To fulfil this vision, Edenred joins forces with Gofore’s experts. Together they form a team which combines the client’s business insight with Gofore’s expertise in user experience, service design and code.

Digitalizing payments and customer experience

Today Edenred’s application allows users to search for and pay at restaurants accepting mobile payments. In addition, it offers the option to upscale the app for additional benefits that companies may offer their employees. And obviously, included is a portal for restaurants to charge and administer payments.


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Digital transformation

Shifting lunch payments from physical cards to mobile application
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Designed for everyone

Solution for the needs of both customers and service providers
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Sustained status

Maintaining Edenred's position as a leading employee benefit solution provider in Finland 



Marko Kuusniemi

Digital Business Coach