Managing social media marketing made easy


Managing social media marketing made easy

Hookle wanted to offer small companies and business owners a new way to use social media for marketing. With easy accessibility and simple yet comprehensive functions, users are able to manage the most popular social media channels with just few clicks. Gofore provides the application.

Want it or not, you are in the social media

From a small business owner’s point of view, social media can be seen as a perplexing and time-consuming way to market products and services. With few resources available for social media marketing, business owners and small companies are often are often unable to take advantage of most of the established and somewhat complex social media management tools. Hookle wanted to create an easier way to access and control social media marketing, making social media management simple and quick by gathering the most used social media platforms in one easy-to-use application.

New technologies to speed up the process

In six months from the start of production, the first full version of the application was published in both App Store and Google Play. Within just one month, it has been downloaded 10 000 times, with users from USA, Canada, Finland and several other countries. What made this quick and efficient development process possible was the use of new technologies, in particular Google’s Flutter and Firebase. As Flutter allows programming the application for both iOS and Android in one go, the development process was game-changingly fast.

Pushing content

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and soon Instagram: all within the reach of just a few clicks. The app makes shifting between social media applications unnecessary, so the possibility to push content to all channels at the same time has never been easier.

Tracking results

The user has clear and simplified visuals of what is going on at their fingertips, all the time. The app shows the number of likes, shares and overall monthly performance in one view. A visual presentations of publishes post shows what kind of content work and how it could be improved.

Saving time and money

When it comes to small business owners, resources are often limited. Hookle saves the user’s time with it’s simple functions and well-thought visuals of results.


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Innovation realised

A new kind of solution for social media management 
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Efficient solutions

Answering the marketing needs of small businesses
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New technologies

Game-changingly fast development process



Marko Kuusniemi

Digital Business Coach