Devecto is now a part of Gofore group

With Devecto, Gofore will strengthen its position as an expert in digital change, as its expertise also expands into the Intelligent Industry sector.

In 2014, we received our first assignment: to encode software into a forest machine.

There were two of us at the time. Soon we were requested to build systems for tractors, energy meters and other industrial solutions. Less than a decade later, we already had more than 130 experts and the desire to help customers even better and more internationally had grown. The merger with Gofore enabled us to bring together the Intelligent Industry that unites us.

Our competence ranges from embedded systems for machines and equipment to complete industrial digitalisation solutions. Together with Gofore, we help our customers succeed even further in the holistic digital transformation.

We serve our customers from the need definition and service design to the development and quality assurance of complete systems and digital services.

We offer a variety of software solutions for different industries and for products and services in all stages of their life cycles.

Mobile machinery and intelligent vehicles

System Design, Model Based Design and simulation, communication-bus architectures, software architectures, user interfaces, application development into electronic control units, Tools for service and production, IoT-solutions and project management, safety and security.


Energy and infrastructure

Distributed solutions, IoT, Business intelligence, reporting and KPIs, embedded solutions, business design and analytics, simulation and model-based design.

Industry and manufacturing

Intelligent machine and device software, simulation, model-based design and machine learning, digital services and integrations, data collection and reporting, testing, and quality assurance.


LTE and 5G RAN SW development, backbone network development, mobile application development, IoT services, products and platforms, quality assurance.

Health and wellbeing technologies

Embedded development of wearable devices related to well-being and healthcare, as well as consumer and professional services.

Completely new career opportunities

Together with Gofore, we offer new and even more diverse career opportunities. Our strength is the diverse team of experts in various fields for whom we want to provide the best opportunities to develop and thrive, both at work and beyond.

We want to build ethical, people-centric solutions, and work towards a digital future that is humane and increasingly sustainable.

Join the crew!

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Harri Laukkanen

Director, Industrial Digitalisation

+358 43 820 0482

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