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Gofore Plc is a digital transformation consultancy with some 1,300 impact-driven employees across Finland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Estonia and Italy. We care for our people, our customers, and the surrounding world. Our diverse group of experts shares a pioneering ambition to create a more humane, sustainable and ethical digital world. At Gofore we want to provide the best opportunities to develop and thrive, both at work and beyond. In 2022, our net sales amounted to EUR 149.9 million. Gofore Plc’s share is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. in Finland.

You can find more information about Gofore as a employer from Join the Crew and Culture pages.

We are looking for an ICT procurement consultant to be responsible for the implementation of our large customers’ ICT procurement projects.

What we offer you

As an employer and community, we promise to look after you because healthy employees are our greatest asset and the core of our business. Our praised corporate culture is based on a flat organization model that enables self-direction and supports individuality. Our reputation for providing high-quality services to our customers is entirely thanks to our top experts, and we take our modern operating culture with us to customer projects, as well. Our diverse team of experts is united by a pioneering spirit and a desire to work in a company whose existence has a greater purpose than just making a profit – striving for a more humane, sustainable, and ethical digital world.

The development of professional expertise is important to us, and you can pick what you find the most interesting from weekly tech presentations, guild activities, or course training. The Gofore community also extends beyond work. Various activities, such as board games, cycling, climbing, and video games are some of the things we do during get-togethers combined with sauna, various events, and family days. To find the right balance between work and free time, you can define your flexible working hours, work remotely, and choose the tools that you need. These and many other benefits await you at Gofore! 

Procurement consultant’s team and job description

There are currently around ten people in our ICT procurement consulting team. Our team consists of consultants specialized in the procurement of various ICT services and systems. Our team is experienced and passionate about their work. Our team’s work is supported by Gofore’s other consultants.

As an ICT procurement consultant, you are responsible for the implementation of ICT procurement projects for our large public and/or private sector customers. Our customer projects usually consist of the following steps:

Strategic planning of procurement

We define the core activities produced by the customer as well as the capabilities acquired from outside (e.g. systems, services, etc.) and the goals regarding them.

Preliminary investigation

During this phase, we clarify the individual capabilities to be acquired, match them to the customer’s core operations, and define the operational models of the acquisition and the activities surrounding it.

Market research

We carry out a survey of the options available on the market based on the external capabilities the customer needs.

More detailed procurement planning

More detailed planning of the procurement implementation based on the information obtained from the previous stages and the goals agreed with the customer

Procurement implementation

We create the tender material, the functional and technical specifications of the capabilities to be acquired, and the contract model. We carry out possible negotiations with the bidders and select a partner based on the bids.

Contract negotiations

We are responsible for finalizing the contract with the selected supplier and for possible refinement of the delivery project. In refining the delivery project, our procurement consultant is helped by Gofore’s experienced project managers.

Delivery project

During the delivery project, our procurement consultants participate in its steering group and support the project manager responsible for the project in any questions related to the contract or its content.

You don’t have to be an expert in all of the above-mentioned steps, as long as you identify entities within the steps that you have extensive expertise in performing, e.g. procurement process, requirements definition, ICT contracts. Often, customer projects are implemented by several procurement consultants, so one consultant does not have to be an expert in all phases.

What skills are needed to succeed in the job

Areas of expertise are listed below. We hope that you feel that one or more of the mentioned areas are your strengths and that you want to develop in other areas:

  • You are able to structure broad procurement needs
  • You are able to define the object of procurement with its requirements
  • You know how to help the customer in choosing the best procurement model and method
  • You are able to implement and carry out an ICT procurement project
  • You can develop the customer’s operations through innovative procurement
  • You are familiar with ICT solutions for information systems and/or services, as well as related bidding methods and other legalities
  • You master ICT contract law
  • You are very familiar with the public procurement law
  • You have extensive previous experience in public administration and/or private sector ICT procurement

Thanks to your good interaction skills, you get along well with customers and project-related stakeholders. You are independent and productive in your working methods. You understand that high-quality outputs and end results that exceed the customer’s expectations are at the center of the success of an ICT procurement consultant. You purposefully strive towards a solution and dare to tackle problems. In addition, you have a passionate attitude to your work and a genuine desire to develop digital Finland with us.

For whom would the role be suitable?

From your background, you can be an experienced ICT procurement professional, an ICT procurement lawyer, an experienced professional in selling or buying large ICT entities, a business or ICT solution specifier, etc. We consider it an advantage to have experience in project management and a lower or higher university degree. The person selected for the position can be given a personal security clearance by our customers.

Salary development
For us it is important that Goforeans receive reasonable total compensation for their work. The compensation is the outcome of, not only experience and skills, but also active work for our two values: being a good workplace for everyone and considering customer perspective in everything we do. The feedback that you receive, your utilisation rate (we are consultants, after all!) and your own professional development are central in the salary discussions with your People Leader (i.e. supervisor).

We have different salary models, and in addition to the monthly salary, we have separate bonuses linked with the company’s success. Bonuses can be related to, for example, recruitment, sales or actions advancing Gofore’s employer brand.

Could we be your next work community? Please tell us about your skills using the form below. We want to hear what kind of acquired expertise you would be great as a consultant for our customers. Once you have convinced us, we will invite you to join us for discussions. Our recruitment process is two-part, where you get to hear more about Gofore, we get to know you and we also get to know your skills. If you have any questions, please contact Petri Vuorela, who is responsible for ICT procurement consulting services, by email at

We recognise and understand neurodiversity, and are willing to adapt our recruitment process based on your needs.


Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta, Tampere, Turku

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