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Building an ethical digital world is at the core of Gofore’s values. Ethics is rooted into the work we do with our customers, and it is our experts’ capability that brings it into life to our customers and customers’ customers.  

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At Gofore, ethical perspective is key in generating added value

Ethical digitalisation, for us, goes beyond merely complying with laws and regulations; it is deeply rooted in the company’s values and culture. Gofore has always wanted to operate on the ‘good side’ so to speak, and create a positive impact on the world. It is important to us that, in addition to simply avoiding harmful activities, we are able to promote digitalisation that improves the quality of life.

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Ethical Design Guide


Ethical Design booklet

The starting point of ethics is to advance good life. How can we make that happen when we create digital services? 

This booklet includes reasoning and tools supporting decision-making in socially sustainable digitalisation and when one wants to incorporate ethical thinking into design work. 

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Learning path towards ethical digitalisation

Our webinar on ethical design discusses ways to design digital services and solutions that observe different user groups equally. The webinar is hosted by Gofore’s senior consultant Eeva Kiiskinen.

Ethical design – From high level commitment to action

Gofore’s designers Sami Vihavainen, Suvi Leander and Michelle Sahal Estimé.

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Creating positive impact in every step we take

Gofore exists to make a positive impact – for our customers, ourselves, and the world around us. It starts with us. That’s why we treasure our culture of caring, transparency, and trust.

Our values guide our business: Gofore is a great workplace that thrives on customer success.

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