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Intelligent Industry 2024

  • Intelligent Industry

Making business sense in a complex digital world

The theme of the Intelligent Industry 24 event is now more topical than ever.​ The significance of digital solutions, software, data, AI, and cybersecurity for industrial competitiveness is growing, as the complexity of production and products increases and services expand. ​

The benchmark for the competitiveness of industrial companies lies in how quickly, cost-effectively, and tailored they can integrate the physical and digital aspects of a product and production. At the same time, there is a growing need to comply with EU regulation that has major implications in several areas.

Intelligent Industry 2024 is the most insightful online event of the year when it comes to making business of merging the physical and digital worlds.​ The event, previously known as CHANGE, will be the 7th in a row. It helps you make sense of all the trends, hype, and drivers around intelligent industry, and gives you the chance to benchmark with other leading industrial organisations. The event is in English.


  • 9.00 Welcome
  • Key findings of the new study: AI & competitiveness of industrial companies
    Henrik Vuoksenmaa, Gofore and Karoliina Partanen, Director, AI Finland, Technology Industries of Finland
  • Keynote: Accelerating digitally enabled services
    Tomio Pihkala, CTO, KONE
  • Panel discussion: Making sense in all the EU regulation – practical implications & business opportunities
    • Anna Nicol, Director, Sustainability Strategy, Fazer
    • Eeva Impiö-Loimaala, General Counsel, Metsä Board
    • Karoliina Partanen, Director, AI Finland, Technology Industries of Finland
    • Markus Asikainen, Head of Business, Cybersecurity, Gofore
  • 11.00 Wrap up

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Tomio Pihkala

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at KONE

Employed by KONE since 2001. Member of the KONE Executive Board since 2013. Pihkala has previously worked also in China as Director, Service Equipment Business and in Japan in M&A and alliance development.
Current key positions of trust: Member of the Board of Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation, and Member of the Board of Vexve Armatury Group.

Karoliina Partanen

Director, AI Finland, Technology Industries of Finland

Karoliina Partanen is a bold leader of AI Finland, a network for Finnish organisations interested in AI. With a passion for innovation, she aims to propel Finland to the forefront of AI development. The mission of AI Finland is to empower every organization to uncover and implement their unique AI-driven business case. By fostering Nordic collaboration, knowledge sharing and strategic partnerships, she’s shaping Finland’s destiny as the world’s AI powerhouse. In the past, Karoliina has been working at Nokia and management consulting companies, as well as at a leading AI transformation consultancy, Sulava. In her previous role, she built Sulava’s AI Center of Excellence, which is now being upscaled as the AI CoE of the whole country.

Anna Nicol

Director, Sustainability Strategy & Reporting, Fazer

Anna is responsible for developing sustainability reporting and is leading projects such as the CSRD project. She is also actively involved in the implementation of regulations on deforestation. Her strengths include strong business knowledge and the ability to integrate sustainability into strategic decision-making.

Eeva Impiö-Loimaala

General Counsel, Metsä Board

Eeva Impiö-Loimaala works as a General Counsel at Metsä Board Corporation which is part of the forest industry corporation Metsä Group. In addition to legal advice and risk management, her responsibilities include monitoring regulatory development and anticipating its impacts. Prior to working as an in-house lawyer, she has worked as an attorney and in district court.

Markus Asikainen

Head of Business, Cybersecurity, Gofore

Markus has diverse working history, in the high security and availability solutions business and in the public safety sector. Cyber security, preparedness, resilience and risk-based development have played a big role in his career. Before switching to private sector, Markus worked in various public safety organisations like the National Police Board of Finland, the Finnish Ministry of the Interior, and Finnish Emergency Responce Centre Agency. Markus holds a Master of Science degree in Economics and he also has a degree from the Emergency Services Academy and he is a member of the Board of Management in the Finnish information Security Cluster (FISC).

Henrik Vuoksenmaa

Customer Experience Specialist, Gofore

Henrik Vuoksenmaa is leading the “Gaining a Competitive Edge in Manufacturing Industry through AI” research project at Gofore. Vuoksenmaa, who works in market research and customer experience development, is passionate about customer-centricity and believes that a high level of customer and market understanding lays the foundation for successful decision-making and management. Earlier this spring, Gofore published a report on the state and future of digitalization in Finland’s welfare regions, conducted under Vuoksenmaa’s leadership.


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