Blog 2.10.2023

Exploring the latest in DevOps

Hey there, DevOps enthusiasts! We recently had an insightful time at DevOps Finland September meetup in our Kamppi office. Just to put it short: we had a diverse lineup of speakers who shared their wisdom without the tech jargon, making it easy for everyone to follow along. Just the way we like it at Gofore.

Let’s dive in!

The meetup started with a thought-provoking talk by Jacob Lärfors, a Consultant at Verifa. He brought up something interesting – DevOps was never meant to be a fancy job title or a standalone team. Yet, many of us started doing just that. Jacob got us thinking: what if DevOps teams actually had a hidden purpose all along? With the buzz around Platform Engineering and a focus on making developers’ lives better, could this be the moment when it all starts making sense?

Then, we switched gears to something super important – disaster recovery planning. Rajasekar Mohan, a Principal Software Architect at Ekahau, took the stage to explain why having a solid disaster recovery plan (DRP) is like having a superhero cape for your organization. His talk highlighted the key elements of a DRP and why it’s a must-have in your organisation’s toolkit. Trust us, this is one topic that sparked questions and debate.

Haskell and more with Bryan Richter

Next up, we had Bryan Richter from the Haskell Foundation. Now, if you’ve ever wondered how a programming language like Haskell goes from idea to reality, Bryan had all the answers. He walked us through the fascinating journey of Haskell, emphasizing how it’s not just about code but also about how it gets delivered to users. Bryan’s insights made us think: maybe Haskell should be seen as more than just a programming language – it’s like a continuous service, and DevOps plays a big role in that.

The wrap-up

After all that brain fuel, we had a free discussion session where everyone got a chance to share their thoughts, ask questions, and connect with fellow DevOps enthusiast. The best part? We didn’t just gain insights; we also made new friends and connections within the DevOps community.

In an inspiring community of experts, we find the best solutions and learn new perspectives. 

Gofore Crew

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