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An overview of diversity at Gofore

Gofore Crew

We had many goals for 2023, but a couple of them stood out as particularly important from the perspective of our own diverse community: increasing the number of women and young professionals. Here is an overview of how we succeeded and how we will continue from here. 

A look back on the goals 

We had set the following goals: 

  • A minimum of 35% of our hires are women
  • A minimum of 20% of our hires are aged 20-29

The outcome? 38% of our hires were women and 14% aged 20-29. We worked hard for these – and even exceeded one of the goals! – so there is no reason to be disappointed. The work, however, continues. In a previous blog post, we shared practical ways to increase diversity.

What does everyday life look like?

In total, 33% of Goforeans are women and 10% aged 20-29. Women mostly work in the same roles as others. The five most common roles for women at Gofore are management and change consultant, administrative roles, designer, and software developer. The majority of young employees are software developers. In 2023, the average salary for women at Gofore was 99.9% of the average salary for men. 

So how have we managed to meet the expectations of these two groups? Here are some takeaways straight from our latest EX (Employee Experience) survey: 

  • Women’s eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) is higher than that of men and all Gofore employees. 
  • Women are slightly more satisfied with their salary and with Gofore as an employer than men. 
  • Women feel that they have found their own community at Gofore or at our client. 
  • Women are slightly less likely than men to feel that they have good career opportunities at Gofore. 
  • Women and men rate their work projects as almost equally inspiring and challenging. 
  • Young employees have a high eNPS. 
  • Young employees give the best individual scores in the EX survey for learning opportunities, leadership, the way Goforeans help each other, communication, and inspiring colleagues. 
  • Young employees believe there is room for improvement in basic compensation at Gofore.  
  • We also recognize that, although we have good practices in place, there is room for improvement in the project resourcing of young professionals. 

It feels great to notice that we have been able to offer these two groups many meaningful things: a workplace that they want to recommend, a supportive community to belong to, and competent colleagues. These findings reflect the daily efforts we make at Gofore, and the values we live by: we want to be a great workplace for everyone and we thrive on customer success. At the core of those two values is a good and competent work community. 

Future steps 

We continue our work to increase diversity at Gofore and in working life in general. We are currently developing new concepts to attract and retain both young professionals and women in the industry. Additionally, we hope to be able to increase public discussion on other diversity-related topics as well in the future. In 2023, we did it around neurodiversity. Now, it is time for the next topics. Ethical digitalisation is our brand promise, and diversity work is also work for that. 

Why work at Gofore?

Salla Niemelä

Head of Growth & Renewal

For Salla, it is important to see the employee experience as part of a successful business. She believes that an excellent employee and candidate experience consists of well-managed situations in day to day work and the opportunity to give and take responsibility. At Gofore Salla does her best to support recruitment success and building an employer brand, and acts as a change agent.

Anni Roinila

Head of Culture & EX

Anni's role is to lead the development of Gofore's organisational culture and employee experience. She takes care of People strategy focus areas such as developing the emotional atmosphere, communality and ways of working as well as internal communication. She sees herself building bridges and making sure we both include and share over borders.

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