Blog 8.1.2024

Future Talent Partner

Gofore Crew

At Gofore, we have long collaborated with various student organizations. This collaboration is a matter close to our hearts, and together we have built lasting partnerships and memorable experiences. However, we have identified opportunities to improve even further.

From these starting points, we began developing new support for students in their crucial phase of life. We aim to help them improve their employment opportunities and develop necessary work-life skills during their studies. From this idea, the Gofore Future Talent Partner concept was born!

In the pilot year 2024, we have invited three long-time student organization partners – TiTe, Luuppi and Atkins – to join this exciting project.

Our cooperation includes the following areas:

  • Invitations for members to selected Gofore client events and training sessions
  • Access for members to selected internal training and professional content at Gofore
  • Customized excursion content tailored to the individual needs of student organizations
  • Networking opportunities among the organizations participating in the pilot
  • Opportunities to develop the future of work with Gofore, prioritizing student employment needs
  • Agreed mutual visibility, including in social media

You can follow our collaboration on Gofore’s Instagram

At Gofore, we believe in the power of collaboration and are committed to supporting the growth and development of students – never forgetting genuine care and understanding.

Future Talents

Veera Käppi

Employer Branding and Recruitment Communications Specialist

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