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Gofore and City of Espoo continue their co-operation – services to be renewed extensively

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The City of Espoo has chosen Gofore Plc as one of its partners in the development of digital services for the next four years. Gofore was named the overall primary supplier in the procurement process. The total value of the development collaboration arrangement was evaluated at EUR 6 million in the call for tenders. Gofore reported (25.10.2017, in Finnish) on the co-operation: After this the contracts have been signed.

City services to be re-structured

The projects to be carried out in collaboration with the City of Espoo will encompass much more than updates to the City’s IT systems. The aim is to comprehensively examine the organisation of municipal services in new ways.
“We are planning a micro services architecture which will work in the background for new digital services,” says Riikka Vilminko-Heikkinen, the Business Manager responsible for Municipalities and Regional Government at Gofore.
“The City of Espoo is a bold reformer of digital services in the public sector. This collaboration will allow us to conduct some very interesting projects in the coming years.”

Collaboration starting on many fronts

The procurement concerned several different service areas. The subject of the call for tenders was expert services for the development of digital and online services as well as supplemental support and administration services. The resulting collaboration will encompass work conducted by Gofore’s scrum master developers as well as UX and UI developers, among others.
In addition to this, the collaboration will also give the City of Espoo access to the expertise of Gofore’s software development, integration, backlog manager and release manager experts.

The competitive tendering encompassed the following service areas:

A: Scrum master developers
B: UX/UI developers
C: Developers (back-end, microservices)
D: Integration experts
E: QA experts and data security experts
F: DevOps experts
G: Release manager experts
H: Backlog manager experts
I: Multi-skilled teams.
Gofore was chosen as the primary supplier in areas A, B, C, D, G, H and I of the arrangement. In addition to this, Gofore was chosen as one of the suppliers in area F. Framework agreements will be prepared individually for each area. The City of Espoo does not commit to predefined purchasing volumes during the contract period.
This is not the first time that Gofore has worked together with the City of Espoo, as the company has previously supplied the City with the service, which gives parents greater access to the everyday life of early childhood education.
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