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Gofore to develop Kela’s strategy and management system

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Kela has chosen Gofore as a supplier to promote the implementation of its strategy. The collaboration is set to begin in October 2017 and encompasses expert services in the areas of strategy development and organisational development.
The collaboration is based on a framework agreement on management and development consulting services, which supports the achievement of Kela’s vision and strategic objectives. Gofore’s management consulting experts will be serving as subject-matter experts and coaches in the areas of strategy development, the management system and development programmes. Coaching will be provided to everyone who participates in the implementation of Kela’s strategy, meaning experts, supervisors and top management.
Customer impact snapshot as the basis for management
Kela’s aim is to provide an excellent customer experience for both internal and external customers. In addition to this, Kela is also aiming to make its information system development more agile. In order to achieve these objectives, top management must be able to evaluate and change Kela’s strategy even at short notice.
– Kela’s aim is to improve and develop its operations in a customer-oriented manner, says Kela’s Strategy Manager Heli Korhola. Key focus areas in regard to this development include impact on society and active participation in networks.
Gofore will be providing Kela with innovative new operating and working methods for strategy development and implementation. Fore example, Kela is currently looking to adopt new operating and working methods in impact management.
– This collaboration is an indication of Kela’s open-minded approach to development and its readiness to accept new agile methods in strategic management. This bodes well for our client in terms of their potential for renewal. For Gofore, the collaboration provides a chance to participate in work that has a significant impact on society, says Mikael Nylund Director of Digital Transformation Advisory from Gofore.
Gofore’s plan for managing strategic development was praised especially for its customer-oriented approach. In addition to this, Gofore also earned praise for its understanding of Kela’s operating environment and foresight.
– Digitalisation has the potential to improve society’s ability to anticipate changes. We are developing towards genuinely customer-oriented thinking, says Gofore’s Principal Consultant Petri Takala.
For more information, please contact:
Mikael Nylund
Director, Digital Transformation Advisory
Tel. +358 (0)40 540 2280



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