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Gofore and Leadin design the digital future together 

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High growth companies Gofore and Leadin will merge into a leading digitalisation company. Expert in digital services Gofore, acquires service design expert Leadin. With the merger, Finland will have a new service company that operates internationally and helps its clients in a comprehensive manner with digital transformation. The acquisition also opens up new career opportunities for the more than 300 employees of the combined companies.
“During the coming years, all services will be redesigned – the speed of development is very fast at the moment. Organisations that can renew themselves in as agile a manner as possible and understand changing customer needs will be the winners. From the very first discussions, the merger of Gofore and Leadin seemed like a natural choice. We are merging Leadin’s international business operations and design competence with Gofore’s development and change consulting services. With the merger, we will have a unique group of people designing the future,” says Timur Kärki, CEO of Gofore.

A fast growing new company – complementary clientele and competence

Gofore is known for its strong position as an agile information system supplier and consultant for the public sector. Leadin’s clientele consists of domestic and foreign businesses in the sectors of engineering, services and technology. Both companies are characterised by enthusiasm and constantly looking for ways to benefit their clients.
“Our ways of meeting clients’ needs and focusing on people as the core of the change design process are consistent with Gofore. Together we will be a strong partner for all clients regardless of sector when they wish to produce added value from user insight through design and digital development,” says Topi Koskinen, CEO at Leadin.
With the merger, the companies’ clients will receive a more comprehensive service than ever before in their digital change process. Gofore’s state-of-the-art technology competence and ability to manage and steer large projects combined with Leadin’s business-oriented planning and user interface expertise will make the company even stronger. Through Leadin’s international presence and clientele in, for example, the United Kingdom and Germany, the companies can expand and offer all of their services globally.
Gofore’s turnover was EUR 18.6 million in 2016, and Leadin’s turnover was EUR 4.2 million. Both companies are growing rapidly. This year, target turnover for Gofore is EUR 27.5 million and for Leadin the target is EUR 8 million.
Gofore will acquire all shares in Leadin from the current major shareholder, BCM Consulting, and all other shares will be exchanged for shares in Gofore. The acquisition price will not be made public. The acquisition is expected to complete at the end of May 2017

Everything starts from company culture

Digitalisation requires new modes of operation and the ability to adapt to constant change. The company’s agility derives from the company culture, at the core of which is our personnel. People are at the centre of everything, both at Gofore, winner of the Great Place to Work Finland 2017, as well as at Leadin, both when developing the client’s working culture and, in their own daily work.
“Our operations are based on satisfied employees. We want to be the best place to work now, and also in the future. The acquisition opens a door for our personnel to work on international projects and the possibility to expand their expertise in the field. We welcome Leadin’s people with joy and want them to become a part of our great and open work community,” Timur Kärki says.
The companies’ personnel will move into the same premises as soon as possible. Leadin will continue under its own name for the time being, and business operations will continue without disruption. The rapidly growing combined company aim to recruit 170 employees during this year, increasing the number of personnel in their offices in Finland, the United Kingdom and Germany.
Further information:
Gofore, CEO Timur Kärki, +358 40 828 5886,
Leadin, CEO Topi Koskinen, +358 40 517 0039,

‘s expertise is in designing and developing digital services. Our mission is to make the world better through digitalisation and by revolutionalising work culture. Gofore designs and builds digital services together, engaging with customers. We are excited about the new digital age, which continually offers the exhilaration of new experiences. More than 220 in number, we are located in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Tampere, Finland, and this year we are striving for EUR 27.5 million in revenue. Gofore was chosen as the best place to work in Finland in the Great Place to Work 2017 survey. The company was established in 2001. 

Leadin is an international expert in user experience planning and production, and service design, producing outstanding added value for their clients based on user insight. We are especially motivated by challenging user environments, new technologies and a demanding user base. Our operations are guided by genuine enthusiasm and the desire to provide our clients with the best possible user experience. Leadin employs approximately 80 experts in Helsinki, Tampere, Swansea and Munich. The company’s turnover was EUR 4.2 million in 2016, a third of which came from outside Finland. This year, Leadin aims for a turnover of EUR 8 million. The largest owner of the company, BCM Consulting, is owned by the founders of Leadin, Juha Lehikoinen and Jaakko Lehikoinen. Further information:

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