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Gofore Plc: Changes in Gofore Executive Management Team


Changes in Gofore Executive Management Team

Terhi Vesanen (58) has been appointed Chief Growth Officer as of 1 August 2019. Previously, Terhi has worked as senior service architect, responsible for project and program management services at Gofore. Prior to joining Gofore in 2015, Terhi served as partner and consultant at Hss Consulting Oy, VP/Global PMO at Symbio Ltd., in several product development management positions at Nokia Corporation and as senior research engineer at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd.

“Gofore has courageously developed its operations, thus affecting the development of the entire industry. We have been able to produce outstanding employee and customer experience with a very low organizational structure and a self-directed approach supporting constant renewal. With growth, it is important to continuously develop ways of working and information systems supporting these. I am excited about the challenges that the new role brings”, Terhi Vesanen comments her appointment.

Erkki Salminen, current Development Director, and a member of the Executive Management Team at Gofore, has decided to leave his position on his own request. However, he continues to work at Gofore, but will leave the Executive Management Team immediately.

Petra Sievinen (49) has been appointed Director, Marketing and Communications as of 1 August 2019. The main responsibility is to strengthen the company’s brand awareness and support the growth strategy through marketing and communication. Previously, Petra worked as a communications strategist at Gofore. Prior to Gofore, Petra was responsible for IBM Finland’s external communications and worked as Marketing Director at Descom.

“Gofore has a great story. The company was founded in 2001 as a good place to work and to make the world better. We have been chosen as Finland’s best workplace and our work has a broad social impact. I am particularly proud of the fact that despite the rapid growth, internationalization and listing, we have managed to hold on to the unique and genuinely people-centric company culture. It is an excellent foundation for a good employee and customer experience. I am honoured and very happy that I get to be involved in building and communicating this story”, Petra Sievinen comments her appointment.

Riikka Nurminen, current Director, Marketing and Communications, and a member of the Executive Management Team at Gofore, is moving on to pursue new career opportunities. Riikka has been on study leave since January, 2019. Riikka will leave Gofore on 1 September, 2019, but the Executive Management Team immediately.

“I would like to thank Erkki Salminen and Riikka Nurminen for their long-time contribution to the company’s management. Erkki and Riikka have left a mark and a legacy that will be built on in the future”, says Timur Kärki, CEO of Gofore.

Aki Koikkalainen (37), Site Lead at Gofore Helsinki, has also been appointed to the Executive Management Team as of 1 August 2019. Previously, Aki served as Managing Director at Solinor Oy before the company merged into Gofore Group in January 2019. Currently, Aki is responsible for the operations of the company’s Helsinki office and for the development of employee experience there.

“Our office in Helsinki already employs over 200 experts. Our local community is unique, merging people and skills in a multidisciplinary and cultural way. I believe that we will be able to create not only an exceptional work community, but also exceptional value for our customers through our top expertise”, Aki Koikkalainen comments his appointment.

Responsibility and impact as an integral part of business

Kristiina Härkönen (44) has been appointed Chief Sustainability Officer as of 1 August 2019. In the future, Kristiina will be responsible for the management of corporate responsibility and social impact at Gofore.

Kristiina has been employed by Gofore since 2003 and has been a member of the company’s Executive Management Team since 2017. Prior to the appointment, she was responsible for managing the company’s cloud services business. The cloud business was merged earlier this year as part of a new service offering, which is shaped by customer segments and capabilities in line with the customer strategy.

“Sustainable development, responsibility, and social impact have long been part of Gofore’s mission. My new role allows me to strengthen their importance in our operations and increase our visibility in these matters. We want to show that a company can at the same time be a very successful business and a forerunner and leading the way in corporate responsibility. I look forward to the work with great enthusiasm. It’s great to do work that is important and beneficial to both the society and the environment”, Kristiina Härkönen comments her appointment.

Following the aforementioned changes, the members of the Executive Management Team are from 1 August, 2019:

Timur Kärki, CEO

Petteri Venola, CFO

Juha Virtanen, Sales Director

Mikael Nylund, Director, M&A, deputy CEO

Topi Koskinen, Chief Operating Officer

Ville Tuominen, Director, International Business

Terhi Vesanen, Chief Growth Officer

Kristiina Härkönen, Chief Sustainability Officer

Petra Sievinen, Director, Marketing and Communications

Aki Koikkalainen, Site Lead, Helsinki

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Gofore Plc is a Finnish digitalisation specialist with international growth plans. We’re made up of some 560 people across Finland, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Estonia – top experts in our industry who are our company’s heart, brain, and hands. We use consulting, coding and design as tools to incite positive change. We care for our people, our customers, and the surrounding world. Our values guide our business: Gofore is a great workplace that thrives on customer success. In 2018, our net sales amounted to EUR 50.6 million. Gofore Plc’s shares are quoted in the First North Finland market administered by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Learn to know us better at

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