Press Release 12.3.2024

Laura Laurila’s exhibition launches new open art space Gofore Art in Tampere

Gofore Art opening exhibition
Laura Laurila: “The City at the Foot of a Tree”
22nd of March  – 14th of June 2024
Gofore HQ, main lobby and cafeteria, Peltokatu 34, Tampere, Finland
Open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm, free entrance

The exhibition of the visual artist Laura Laurila opens at Gofore’s headquarters in Tampere. The opening takes place on Friday 22nd of March 2024 from 6pm to 20pm. The event is open to everyone interested in art – warm welcome!

The exhibition launches a new concept, Gofore Art, and an open art space, which offers interesting art exhibitions. The initiative was taken by Gofore’s Chair of the Board Timur Kärki, who finds it important to offer an open space for artists to present their art work.

Since its foundation, IT company Gofore has recognised the importance of art and has acquired over 70 pieces, with more than 50 displayed in the company’s headquarters. The new headquarters, completed in December 2023, allows art to be brought into an open lobby space for all art enthusiasts to enjoy freely.

“Gofore Art enables the clash of ideas and enrichment. Gofore is an IT company building a digital future, where as the artists see the world from their perspectives. The art often has a societal aspect, is always thought-provoking, creative, and inspiring.”

Further information:

Timur Kärki, Chair of the Board, Gofore Plc,, +358 40 828 5886

Visual artist Laura Laurila’s (b. 1980, Juva) exhibition describes the relationship between
urban nature and construction.The topic derives from Laurila’s personal experience of a
narrowing habitat. A growing city tightens its grip from residential areas and natural places
are seen as potential construction sites. For city dwellers, even small strips of nature are
important places for recreation. While trees and bushes are destroyed, habitats for many
organisms and a lot of nature’s important diversity is lost.

The exhibition is part of a series of paintings in which Laurila has examined her own
neighbourhood walking around on beaches and the edges of construction sites and
pondering the change of a landscape. In this exhibition, the focus is on the still undeveloped
areas, those in which the buildings just peer in the background. In addition to the change
brought by the construction, the light and colours that change according to the seasons are
under observation in Laurila’s works. Some of the works are warm as summer and some are
cold, frosty snowscapes, while all of them have an abundance of colour.

The exhibition consists of acrylic paintings in which Laurila constructs the image starting with thin,
translucent acrylic ink, gradually moving to thicker paint layers. In Laurila’s paintings, the
landscapes are partly abstract, partly representational.

Laura Laurila is a visual artist living and working in Tampere, whose main
art form is painting. She graduated from the Turku Academy of Arts in 2022 and has held
exhibitions since 2013. Laurila’s previous works have conversed on, among other things,
the warming of the seas, imaginary travelling and the multi-sensory experience of the forest.

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