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Our Gofore: Cloud Specialist Toni Mauno

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My name is Toni Mauno and I work as a Cloud Specialist. Typically I’m in the thick of it, designing, enabling, and implementing new features and infra, and helping developers take full advantage of it all. I get most excited when I get to work with some new interesting technologies, tools, and libraries.

Tell us about your career and study background?

From a young age, I’ve always been interested in computers and technology, and all that kind of stuff. I remember when we got our first computer and my little brother didn’t quite understand what mom was talking about and he got very worried about what the mouse would eat & where it would sleep. Years later all that led me to study software engineering at Lahti University of Applied Sciences. I started working as a web developer but ended up quickly getting more interested in the cloud & DevOps methodologies. Eventually ended up here at Gofore as a Cloud Specialist.

What makes Gofore a great company for you?

I guess culture is the first thing that really comes to mind, I’ve had a very good work-balance at Gofore for one. I’ve also had good fortune with some interesting and challenging projects.

What are the things you most likely tell your close circle about Gofore?

Honestly probably some funny stories about software development, of some weird unexpected bugs and stuff like that.

What’s the best Gofore memory?

Hard to pinpoint any single memory, probably all the nice casual after works, etc. with colleagues and interesting technical talks in guilds and such.

What is your favorite internal Slack channel at Gofore?

#moneybags for stock market & mortgages etc. discussions, #hundkarusellen for a daily dose of cute dog pictures and some less public channels for random chats with colleagues.

What are the technologies and tools you mostly work with?

Currently AWS, Kubernetes, Datadog, MongoDB & GitLab CI to mention a few. When I need to do some coding my go-to languages tend to be Node.js or Python. Would enjoy doing something with Golang as well.

How does your typical day look like? What excites you most in your daily work?

Typically I’m in the thick of it, designing, enabling & implementing new features & cloud infra and helping developers take full advantage of it all. I think I get most excited when I get to work with some new interesting technologies, tools, libraries, etc. For instance, right now I’d love to work with infra-as-code tools like AWS CDK or Pulumi, both of which utilize more general-purpose languages like TypeScript, instead of relying on template languages that can often be a bit restrictive.

What would you like to do in the future at Gofore?

I’ve been working a lot with AWS for the past couple of years but I’d like to do more GCP projects in the future as well. I’ve been mostly working on private sector projects and would like to continue doing so.

What kind of digital world do you want to build with others?

Tackling sustainability issues for instance could be very motivating from a technical person’s perspective.


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