Qentinel Finland is now part of Gofore

Gofore is now one of the most important providers of professional services in digital quality assurance in Europe.

Digital change means information systems environments that are constantly becoming more complex and changing at an accelerating pace. For our customers, this means that quality assurance and ensuring functionality is increasingly an ongoing process, not just the final step in a development project. In this development, we want to help our customers even better.

Mikael Nylund, CEO, Gofore

Quality is the ability to create value

Todays life is increasingly dependent on all kind of information systems. As a result, the quality and reliability of the systems becomes more and more critical all the time. Qentinel Finland services will strengthen Gofore with its testing, software automation, and DevOps expertise.

Digital quality assurance services

  • Systemic decision making
  • Software testing & Quality assurance
  • Robotic Process Automation

We're here to help you

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Intelligent Industry


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Kari Virtanen

Digital quality assurance and cybersecurity


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