Verify the quality and security of your digital services

Quality and security are critical success factors when producing first-class customer experience.

Peace of mind with a better user and customer experience

  • Is the verification of quality and security slowing down your development and release cycles?
  • Are your production updates risky and stressful?
  • Do you get all the necessary information about the quality and security when you need them?

With the help of our quality assurance and information security services, you can speed up the production of your digital services and avoid expensive malfunctions.

High-quality, with agile or traditional methods

Digital quality assurance

When the quality assurance of development and production is in order end users are more satisfied and the customer experience becomes top-class.

We help you:

  • To assess the maturity of your software testing capabilities, develop and improve your testing practices, govern testing effectively, and execute testing efficiently.
  • To ensure quality in an Agile development or in a more traditional IT project setting
  • To apply industry best practices such as ISO 29119 and ISO 25010

Current trends: Agile testing, Business Process Testing, Mobile testing

Automation brings efficiency

Automated testing

Automation brings efficiency and consistency to testing. It speeds up the development and maintenance of your digital services. Automation reduces repetitive manual work thus improving Employee Experience and service quality because your experts can focus on more value-adding tasks.

We help you with:

  • Choosing the right tools for your needs and building a modern, and scalable test harness
  • Improving your test automation practices, and increasing the level of test automation
  • Ensuring the high performance of digital services

Current trends: Robot Framework, Mobile testing, DevOps Quality Assurance, AI in test automation

Learn more about AI in test automation from our two short online lectures:


Effective Governance

Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security services help you to secure your digital operations and govern Cyber Security effectively. 80% of information security is about operating procedures and employees’ security awareness.

We’re here to help you with:

  • Choosing the right cyber security operating model, security principles, and processes best suited for your organisation’s needs
  • Identify, model, and prepare for risks & threats concerning your operations
  • Building the best operating models and processes for you
  • Applying industry best practices such as CIS, NIST CIF, ISO 27001, Katakri and Pitukri

Current trends: Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), Digital Resilience, and IAS/IEC 62443 standard

Secure your Digital Solutions

Software Security

Shift Security left & right by creating a Secure Development Lifecycle and Secure Software Operations to avoid costly disruptions created by vulnerabilities. Continuous Security Testing significantly lowers the risk of data breaches and leaks.

We help you:

  • To make your software development a safer process in which security is planned, implemented, and verified in all phases of the system’s life cycle
  • To detect system vulnerabilities and protect you against them
  • To apply industry best practices such as OWASP AVSV or OWASP MASVS

Current trends: Penetration testing, Security of software supply chains, Cloud security, DevSecOps

Here's how we succeed with our customers – Gofore is Finland’s largest software testing service company with more than 200 experts.

Our main principals

People first​

We provide the best possible customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX).​

Innovativity and solution centricity​

We always proactively improve our own and our customers’ operations by focusing on solutions, not problems.



We set common goals together with our customers to ensure success in the best possible way.​

Ways of working​

We always integrate ourselves into our customers’ operating model to enable seamless collaboration. We apply industry standards and best practices in our work.​


We always choose our tools according to the purpose of use. We prefer open-source solutions such as Robot Framework for their versatility and cost-efficiency.

High-quality without compromises

We created a guide to make it easier for you to consider the essential components in high-quality yet agile software development. Download our guide from the link to enter the world of quality and security.

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