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Remember to stay in touch

Remember to stay in touch

Keeping in touch is one of the strongest things in our arsenal when it comes to providing a great experience for our customers. We’ve asked our customers about the effects corona virus situation has had on them. We’ve been discussing about their business, how their teams are doing, how they have experienced remote work, and whether their business is struggling somewhere.

Overall teams have very unique experiences, and we have been happy to see that there are quite a few positive experiences as well.

“There are even implications that we as a company may be moving permanently towards remote work culture.”

”We have noticed improved efficiency in software development. Reasons could be better ability to focus (peace), and having to focus on the essential because bulk of the communication is done in writing.”

“There’s an increased feeling of equality as everyone in the team is experiencing the same.”

“Re-introducing dailys have helped us organize work and tackle uncertainties.”

Could we offer any assistance?

That being said, communications is not that simple, and there are lot of moving parts. The first you’ll encounter is how to begin your discussion? What would be appropriate when reaching out to see how others are coping with the present situation, and whether we could offer any assistance? The personal and business-level experience can be surprising.

“We are exhausted after eight hours of work, there are no breaks!”

“I’ve been on calls back to back for 10 hours. My headphones are causing me a migraine.”

“Well, we are waiting for that info session to begin…”

It’s always important to be polite, kind, and express appreciation for the discussion partner. Being pleasant and courteous is assumed. But, the biggest thing that can make a difference is acting like an actual human. In other words, making sure that the exchange of thoughts is warm and sincere can make all the difference.

We believe that what makes a good communication is being as human as possible, which admittedly can be difficult during these remote times over electronic forms of communication. However, by taking all the small nuances into account, it is possible to make discussion feel human, authentic, and integral in creating a positive experience for our customer together with our business.

Remote work may require closer management and skillfull leadership

Software development is one of those areas where remote work is the most natural. Teams can operate pretty much as usual, but may require closer management and skillfull leadership to support individuals during times of worries.

However, during these unconditional times it is good to acknowledge that the remote work setup might not be optimal for everyone. It might be a toss-up between work ergonomics and tranquility when trying to find a place to focus. It is important to reach out and to stay in touch. Peer support, listening and learning from each other carries us through this time.

For more on how to succeed, check our previous blog posts about from forced change to positive outcome, how to have a great virtual meeting, how to succeed in virtual meetings, and are you preparing for the post-pandemic world.

Please let us know whether we’re doing a good job or could help you even further.

Juhana Harmanen
Capability Owner of Web Development,
Technology Consultant

Juhana Harmanen

Juhana is a Capability Owner of Web Development multitasking as a Technology Consultant in key projects. He strives to renew and nurture Gofore’s capabilities in Web Development to match the current and future needs of our clients, and to grow new scalable businesses. He finds his passion in entrepreneurial orientation and leading new ventures. Juhana loves being outdoors and has in his past spent twelve short summers as a wilderness guide in Lapland. Recently his free time has been filled with spending time with his children and family or in house renovation projects one after another.

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