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Vappu celebration fun at home – top 10 tips

Good to see you here! We have no doubt this post has good information, but please keep in mind that it is over 4 years old.

It’s time for balloons, discos and donuts – Vappu is here!

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic big traditional happenings are on hold. However, Goforeans wanted to share happy and family-friendly ideas for remote and #Stayhome parties.

Top 10 Vappu tips

  1. The more balloons and streamers you have the more festival the atmosphere rises*
  2. Don’t forget to invite guests! Organising remote fancy vappu dinner with friends or family is easier than ever:  buy similar takeaways for guests and have a quality dinner over a video call
  3. Stick with the traditions: brew sima and bake “munkkeja” (a type of Finnish donut)
  4. Also, if you prefer spending time by chilling instead of baking, don’t hesitate to support your local bakery. Most likely they even have home delivery options
  5. This year you can be goofing around with various vappu garments without losing them all over the city
  6. Taking part in the concerts is now easier than ever: you can lay on your coach, drink your favourite beverage and watch the gigs on YouTube or on Facebook
  7. There are many options also for kids: enjoy Live Facebook children’s concert or a remote vappu disco. Check out this for example Lasten Vappufestivaali Livestream
  8. Start the BBQ season – The new philosophy of grilling is that everything can be grilled
  9. Remember also outdoor activities such as Mölkky
  10. Have a picnic on a balcony and instead of disposable tableware use the house silver. Also, enjoy the fact you don’t need to stress about finding the toilet.

Stay safe and have fun – celebrate Vappu from your home this year!

*remember the recycling, you can find comprehensive tips here.

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