A modern transition from an old data centre to the cloud

Together with pension insurance companies, Arek and Gofore recently upgraded an important, machine-controlled back-end system — formerly based in a data centre — as part of the Käpy project. The system enables pension insurance companies and their end customers to identify the organisation handling individuals’ pensions. The revamped service replaced the old machine-controlled system in early January 2020.

Modern microservice from the cloud

In principle, the Käpy service was created as a microservice, on the basis of modern service maintenance and prioritising scalability, on a Kubernetes cloud platform. The project is a major first step for Arek in a new kind of infrastructure management, in which resources and the associated costs can be optimised for the correct purpose. The project will serve as a pilot for many practical modernisations at Arek, related to software architecture choices and tools.

High-quality based on agile development

Arek and Gofore developed the Käpy service in close cooperation with representatives of pension insurers, based on the principles of agile development. Käpy is Arek’s first major agile development project. Thanks to the close cooperation and transparency between the project partners, the service content and quality were optimised, and the service was tailored to customer needs. The qualitative aspect of the project was enabled by involving content experts in the development and preparation of regression testing throughout the project’s life cycle.

Arek Oy is a key system-development partner for pension insurers, providing its customers with reliable systems of great social importance. The rapid change created by digitalisation requires agility and a new kind of adaptability from organisations and systems. The transformation of the pension system and rapid development of technology mean that the sector will look different in just a few years. At Arek, systems are being developed with expertise and commitment to change.

Project highlights

Migration of infrastructure data centre to the cloud

Resources and costs will be optimised in accordance with the correct purposes.

Agile development

Quality of service for customers was maximised through transparency and smooth cooperation.

Significant to society

With the transformation of the pension system, digital changes will ripple through the industry over the next few years.


The skills & competences utilised in the project

  • Cloud
  • Systems development and integration

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