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Gofore’s change experts are one of the leading people-driven change communities in Finland.

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Established in 2007, transformation consultancy Communicea grew to be an impressive change execution expert and was later renamed as CCEA. Experienced change experts, customer-centric operating model and services fueled CCEA’s growth.

CCEA was acquired as part of the Gofore Group in March 2021 and it will integrate to Gofore from the beginning of 2024. With its large group of change experts, Gofore is one of the leading Finnish change consultancies.

Support in people-driven change

From digital transformation to leading cultural change

No operating model nor process will change – no new technology or application properly taken into use – until people change their mindset and behavior, and thus, change their organisations.

Change always involves a whole lot of work to get people to let go of the old and permanently change the ways of doing things. The most important factor impacting the success of change initiatives is always the human being. The objectives are only met if people change their ways permanently. Implementing change is all about doing things, hands on. It is unrealistic to expect that the key persons in the program, project or transformation could successfully implement change along with their other duties.

Our change execution services complements your team with a seasoned change professional, who knows exactly what to do.

Examples of our customers references​:

  • Strategy renewals​
  • System or application implementations​
  • Building agile organizations​
  • Transformations in ways of working and culture​
  • Embedding sustainability into leadership and culture​
  • Process re-engineering and implementations​
  • Mergers and acquisitions​
  • New organization structures and role concretizations​
  • Building cybersecurity cultures​

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Our change management services

Change execution

We get things done, instead of only telling what to do. We ensure, verify, and persistently push for the change to happen. We identify how a program or project affects people working in different roles, and plan the means and actions needed to help people adopt new ways of thinking and working as smoothly as possible.

Examples of our service:​

  • 2-month change implementation start service​
  • Change implementation support as a scalable, continuous service​
  • Resource pool for supporting organization’s change initiatives

Change capability development

The most competitive organisations are the ones with people who have the capability to lead, implement and adopt change repeatedly, and people perform better during a change, work is less straining, business keeps rolling and changes are implemented with less friction.​​ The organisation learns company’s way to implement changes, and there is no need to re-invent the wheel for each change. ​

Examples of our service:​

  • Organisation’s change capability analysis​
  • Role-based development paths and trainings as part of organisation’s competence development offering​
  • Change implementation toolkits​
  • Building management models and practices

Change portfolio leadership

Each change requires capacity from the organisation, from change makers and those who need to change their ways of working. Yet, capacity is limited.​​ An analysed, structured, and up-to-date overview of the change portfolio supports decision making and helps to coordinate individual initiatives​.

We prevent an overload of changes and ensure sufficient resourcing. We coordinate, optimise, and prioritise the portfolio of the simultaneously ongoing change projects to reach business goals.​

Examples of our service:​

  • 2-month service to start change portfolio management​
  • Leadership team sparring to adopt change portfolio practices and their role​s
  • Change portfolio management as a continuous service

Change measurement

What is a trustworthy way to know how the change is progressing? Are people, who are being impacted by the change, changing their behavior? Where are we now compared to the targeted benefits?

Tracking the progress of people’s perception and behaviour enables leading the change with data​. We measure how people perceive the change, how people change their behaviour and how the aimed benefits and targets are met. Our unique Celkee Insight perception measurement tool is based on behavioural science research.

Examples of our service:​

  • Defining the change targets and metrics​
  • 6-month service to start and run change measurement​
  • Trainings/sparrings to lead change with data
People-driven change: - The Strategic foundation is in motivation & purpose; summarising the change and the goal so that they resonate with people in the organisation. - Strategic enablers are capacity & load; finding the balance between change load and managers and personnell's capacity. - The operational foundation is in details and practice; translating change jargon into language that makes sense and describing the change in practice. - Operational enablers are commitment & capability; build and ease the change journey together with all people, making sure they're capable of making it happen.

Our approach

People-driven change

People-driven change crystallises the Gofore way of thinking and working in each change we implement and our way of leading a change portfolio and developing an organisation’s change capability. It defines our solid practical experience with what is essential for successful change.

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Together with Gofore, we offer even more diverse career opportunities. We want to provide the best opportunities for our experts to develop and thrive, both at work and beyond. We work towards a humane and sustainable future. Learn more about Gofore as a workplace here.

We are constantly looking for new people who are passionate about people-driven change and have expertise in change implementation. We value an empathetic approach, courage, great team working skills and adaptability – and obviously the desire to be part of a terrific team.

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