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From Tampere to Salzburg: Jakub’s relocation story

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Moving to a new country for work or study is a significant life event. Jakub Tkacz, one of our talented Software Developers, recently embarked on such a journey. Here is a glimpse into his experiences as he moved from Tampere, Finland to Salzburg, Austria.

Jakub’s primary role involves helping customers solve their problems through software development, utilising tools like TypeScript with React and Java with Spring Boot. “I enjoy the freedom to make choices and take responsibility for them”, Jakub says. “The possibility to be creative while developing software is something I deeply value.” 

Jakub is also eager to share his knowledge through internal talks and meetups, and highlights the sense of community. “There are many fabulous people in the company, each with a high degree of knowledge. The company is open to initiatives and lets people shape their workplace.” This supportive environment has been a cornerstone of his positive experience. 

“The proximity to the mountains was a key aspect”

Last summer, Jakub moved from Tampere to Salzburg and worked for three months from the eMundo office, which is part of Gofore Group. Following this, he took a four-month study leave to write his master’s thesis in Salzburg. As of February 1, 2024, he started working full-time in Austria. 

Jakub’s decision to continue his studies in Austria was influenced by several factors. “I wanted to move more to the center of Europe, and the proximity to the mountains was a key aspect”, he explains. “It was my last chance to utilise the Erasmus program, and I found a very interesting project at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute that aligned well with my degree.” 

Building relationships with colleagues from the DACH area

Jakub’s first interactions with colleagues from the DACH area were when the eMundo team visited Finland in 2023. “I was part of the Communality Crew in Tampere and collaborated with the DACH colleagues during their visit. That is when I found out about the Salzburg office.” Jakub eventually reached out to Wolfgang Brauneis, the Managing Director in Austria, and received a warm welcome to come work from the Salzburg office before starting the exchange. 

“When I arrived, I felt at home with everyone being friendly and welcoming”, Jakub recalls. A week after his arrival, he joined colleagues from Salzburg for the Summer Incentive Days, meeting people from various locations like Munich, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart and Bolzano. This experience solidified his desire to continue working at Salzburg after his exchange. 

Cultural adaptation and future goals

Moving from Finland to Austria did come with some cultural adjustments. “In Austria, there is a bit more bureaucracy and the laws are stricter”, Jakub notes. “However, the culture here is more similar to Poland – where I am from – which made it easier for me to adapt.” The smaller size of the Salzburg office – around 30 people – has also fostered an even tighter community, giving Jakub a sense of belonging. 

Looking ahead, Jakub aims to develop as a Full-Stack Tech Lead. His current project offers plenty of opportunities to hone his technical skills while making important decisions, largely autonomously. He appreciates the support from experienced peers who provide valuable feedback and guidance. 

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