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How to successfully work on the move?

Good to see you here! We have no doubt this post has good information, but please keep in mind that it is over 3 years old.

Remember our Working on the move experiment? It’s finally time to share thoughts and tips on why and how to work on the move.

“The main surprise was and is – why haven’t I done this before!?” —Andres Allkivi, Software Architect

During the four weeks period, Goforeans worked on the move together impressive 400 hours! They logged together 690 entries into the Heiaheia app where we tracked hours moved while working, and shared well over 100 pictures among colleagues. Challenge was spread around the whole group and people were participating in all our cities from Madrid to Jyväskylä. Also, people from different roles took actively part in the campaign.

The most active Goforean during the campaign was test automation specialist Sergei Pavlov. He worked on the move during the campaign time impressive 52 hours which means a rough 2,5 hours every day. “I found it easier to pace my day and get more done when doing some exercises while working. Working remotely alone at home I easily spend all day sitting on my computer, when I get a walk or a jog during the day, I feel more fresh and relaxed after work,” he highlights.

Are you interested in working on the move, but don’t know where to start? Our experts share their tips:

Goforeans suggest you try these sports while working

Double the joy and take your furry friend with you when working on the move.
  • kettlebell weightlifting
  • walking
  • dancing
  • stretching
  • running
  • skiing
  • rubberband workout (tip: the rubberband can be fastened to the chair)

If you still need some motivation, check these

What happens in the future: do we continue working on the move? 

” I think this was  “the” starting point for my movement habit – done once, could happen twice “, Tero Vartiainen. 

We already know that people will work more on the hybrid model in the future. We strongly see that people should pay attention to the way they work especially when they are working from their homes. Going to the office, or some other working location and moving around during the day is much more active than staying at home. This leaves room for innovations that would activate the office worker during the day. We believe that simply taking breaks and pauses is not enough. The logic behind ‘working on the move’ is simple: when you move, you also activate your thinking muscles. When you move you are more productive and happier. Ta-daa! ?  “I’ll definitely continue working on the move,  and will try to find new ways to work on the move.”, Andres says and we suggest you follow his advice.

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