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Ownership brings a new perspective on the workplace

Good to see you here! We have no doubt this post has good information, but please keep in mind that it is over 4 years old.

I had been working for Gofore for several years when the company was listed. I invested in Gofore out of pure interest when the employee share issue was launched – as an employee, I knew the company was developing well and I believed in its growth.  

I have also expanded my share portfolio by joining the staff share savings scheme. I am particularly interested in the supplementary shares issued to participants three years from the start of the scheme. During that period, it is easy to commit to Gofore.  

On the other hand, employee engagement depends on a number of other factors: interesting duties and customers, pleasant colleagues, and treating employees well.  

Interest in developing as an investor  

I am a long-term investor, investing only small sums. I already had experience in share and fund investments, and own shares in a company I used to work for. I only invest as much as I am prepared to lose.  

I think that owning shares in my employer company gives me a more objective view of it. This is possible because I’m already familiar with investing. As an employee, I view Gofore from a very personal angle: as part of the company’s daily operations, I know the business really well.  

As an investor, I can also view the company neutrally, which can be beneficial in daily situations at work. In this sense, shares in my employer are just some investments among others.   

I’ve also found it interesting to follow the share value’s development. I follow the workplace discussion on investment on Slack, and check the financial news in the paper.  

Next, I aim to expand my expertise in housing investment. I plan to read books on the subject to become more knowledgeable. Buying my first investment apartment is part of my five-year plan.  

The Gofore Crew

Leena Virta-Niemi

Leena Virta-Niemi is an IT professional with long experience who has worked in many different organizations over the years. At Gofore, she has already held many different roles, currently primarily as a project manager and procurement expert, helping the client succeed in their projects. Leena is enthusiastic about customer assignments and cooperation with various customers.

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