Blog 16.9.2021

“Passion for reducing inequalities”

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I’ve been planning a career move from focusing on health inequalities, advocacy and communications within the public sector to a more service design and digitalization-focused position in the private sector.

Being passionate about reducing inequalities, it was important to me that I find a position where I could contribute to building more equal and just societies. That’s when I came across Gofore’s brand promise of creating an ethical digital world and knew that Gofore was the place for me.

Super valuable new learnings from senior designers

I was fortunate enough to work on four really interesting public sector customer projects. In addition to those, I joined the Gofore Good Growth team where I’ve focused on developing some thinking around sustainable development and inclusive design.

Following senior designers in their work in customer projects has been super valuable in my own growth as a consultant. At the same time, the sparring sessions with the Good Growth team have also given me a lot.

Real responsibilities

Although we’ve mostly worked from home, I’ve felt like a part of the Gofore team already from the start, which made it easier to ask for help when needed. The confidence placed in me and being given real responsibilities has also been great.

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In the My Summer at Gofore blog series, our summer employees tell about their summer work experience and what they have learned and enjoyed at Gofore.


Good Growth

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Michelle Sahal Estime

Service Designer

Michelle works at Gofore as a Service Designer. Throughout her career, she has focused on reducing inequalities working at the UN, in NGOs and academia. In recent years it has led her on the path of digitalization, service design and user-centric design and she is particularly passionate about ethical and inclusive design. On her free-time Michelle likes movies, gardening and spending time with her family and friends.

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