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Turku ❤️ Frontend x Gofore

Gofore Crew

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Turku ❤️ Frontend is a community for people interested in frontend design and development in Turku that organizes monthly gatherings and other events. This December, the Gofore Turku office had the pleasure of hosting a two-hour meet up with about 40 people attending, including a handful of Goforeans.

I hadn’t participated in one of these meet ups before, and it was cool to make some new acquaintances and hear about their expectations. After a brief intro by Vio from Gofore we grabbed some truly excellent veggie/halloumi burgers (sourced from Ravintola Lone Star), tucked in, and the first presentation of the evening began.

First up was Ossi Hanhinen with a talk titled “Make the most of your UI testing”, which started with a high-level overview of different types of UI testing and what kinds of situations they’re good/bad for, followed by a proposed method for determining what it’s worthwhile to write tests for. I personally found this part very thought-provoking, but there was lively discussion during several parts of the talk showing people had a variety of takeaways.

The presentation was followed with lively mingle, accompanied by some excitement brought on by the office alarm system.

I got to participate in discussions about the utility of different kinds of UI testing in real life scenarios and got to share some experiences of my own as well. As a test-driven developer I found these chats very fruitful.

Next up was Joona Hoikkala with a presentation on “How to (not) to handle security issues – we are all in this together.” This was a tales from the trenches-type talk from a veteran of the security field. A definite key takeaway for me was making sure your organization has an obvious and easily reachable security contact.

All in all, this was a fun and interesting event with well thought out presentations, good food and great company. Extra shoutout to all the people involved in organizing the event! I’m definitely going to attend more of these meet ups in the future.

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Gofore Crew

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