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What do Gofore customers want from the new year?

Good to see you here! We have no doubt this post has good information, but please keep in mind that it is over 2 years old.

Our customer’s operating environments and needs are constantly changing. As a result, we also need to update our customer understanding to be able to deliver value without falling behind. The customer satisfaction survey we conducted at the end of the year once again provided us with valuable information about our customers ’opinions, wishes, experiences and values. 

Your ally in digitalization and change 

Our customers’ answers draw a picture of their digital transformation as endless journeys full of both opportunities and challenges. There are multiple projects waiting for progression, but the resources are limited. Thus, an important question arises – How to allocate the resources and identify the most urgent and relevant projects? Does this sound familiar?  

The solution our customers want is simple: Instead of quick wins our customers want long-term cooperation. They want strategic partnerships, in which we at Gofore also offer our expertise beyond individual projects, for the long run. So, through discussions already during the projects, we can agilely offer the help of our wide-ranging experts to plan the next steps and new destinations. And when you want to move from planning and design to actual implementation, our services also provide support for change management. 

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Responsibility in mind, now also in partner selection 

In this year’s survey, we also asked our customers about their attitudes towards corporate social responsibility. As expected, both socially and environmentally sustainable development goals are reflected in the operations of most of our customers, in one way or another. However, the survey revealed something new about our customers and their requirementsIn 2022, our customers will increasingly expect responsibility from their partners as well – More and more of our customers evaluate the responsibility of their partner companies, and use that as criteria in their partner choices. 

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Continuity is ensured by the Customer Team Model  

In addition to high-quality experts and successful projects, our customers praised the smoothness of our day-to-day cooperation. Despite our growth, we have managed to retain the experience of cozy homeliness. On the other hand, the clearest pain points of our customers are related to the occasional changes in the composition of the teams. To solve this challenge, among other things, we have built a Customer Team Model. 

More and more of our customers have chosen the Customer Team Model, piloted and proven since the spring of 2021. In this model, one of the most experienced experts in a Customer Team can be appointed to the role of Customer Lead. The most important task of this role is to develop cooperation as a trusted key person, to manage the “big picture”, and to act as an easily accessible first contact, to both our customers and our experts.  

At the heart of Customer Lead’s mission is to take care of the wishes and well-being of both the customer and our experts. That is why our Customer Leads keep an ongoing continuous discussion with their team members about the operational smoothness of the customer project and the tasks involved, as well as their personal learning goals and career development. As a result, staff changes in teams remain predictable, planned and managed. Thanks to our model, the a personnel change in the team does not mean turbulence and slowdown, but fresh ideas and motivated development-minded experts instead.  

We thank our customers for their responses 

The customers who responded to the customer satisfaction survey represented various industries, companies both small and large, from Finland and abroad. Feedback has been processed internally within our organization as well as with our customers, and the findings are already well under way into development and concrete actions. The open-ended answers offered us many new and interesting angles to our clients’ businesses, and the quantitative metrics gave our experts many reasons to be proud of. Our customers ’overall satisfaction on a scale of 1-5 was 4.3, and our Net Promoted Score was 54 (on a scale of -100 to 100, our industry partner’s industry benchmark of 37). Warmest thanks to our customers for their feedback, survey responses and, above all, for the trust and the past year. 

Henrik Vuoksenmaa

Henrik understands customer experience research as a combination of many fascinating concepts: uncompromising customer orientation, data as a friend, and philosophical considerations of intangible and human factors.

At Gofore, Henrik works as a customer experience specialist and as a self-declared espresso machine tutor at the Helsinki office

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