Your digital ally in times of change

Your digital ally in times of change

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It’s often said that digitalization has changed every part of human life – how we live, how we work and how we interact with the world around us. But when you think about it, digitalization alone can’t change anything. Without people, it’s all just hardware and code.

We believe digitalization can and should be a force for good.

Think of us as your digital ally in times of change. We’ll help you to identify and embrace new digital ways of thinking and doing that will have a positive impact on your business and society.

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True problems are solved by combining capabilities

Your problem is a complex and unique entity. We respond to this by forming adaptable solutions by combining our extensive expertise with customer, and end-user, specific needs. Our wide range of capabilities ensures that we are ready to serve you in every phase of digital transformation.

Real change occurs when technology joins forces with culture. In an agile manner, it is our job to help you navigate digital change by learning continuously and building new capabilities to support new challenges. You are the one that receives benefits from our ever-developing range of expertise.

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We know because we've been there

We’ve spent almost 20 years pioneering ethical digital work in the public sector in Finland, one of the most ethical societies on the planet.

That work has given us both a deep understanding of what digital renewal takes and the knowhow to make it happen for customers in a range of industries across the public and private sectors.

With Gofore, you’ll get the strength and experience of a big enterprise with the agility of a small company. We handcraft the right solutions and services for each of your need. We are always ready to adapt and innovate as we go.

Let’s get to work. We are ready when you are.

Juha Virtanen

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