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#praise shapes a strong company culture

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Why do people leave jobs? This is probably the number one question in industries where talent is competed over, and there are plenty of right answers. This was also a question on investors’ lips upon announcing our H1 results, as we are in a people business. From what I’ve seen in my career, one of the main reasons for being unmotivated or even leaving is feeling unappreciated or ignored.

As may often be the case, an employee might in fact be appreciated, but if it’s never said, it doesn’t matter. Finnish culture is brutally honest, and complementing anyone for the sake of making conversation is not our thing. At least we’re not fake, but the downside of this is that even when we think highly of someone, we may not say it. But it really is the feedback that keeps us going; not just praise but also constructive criticism. How else do we develop? Or feel a sense of belonging? Feel useful, capable, purposeful? Or just plain noticed?

I’m positively shocked by Gofore’s culture

Being accustomed to the more Finnish type of feedback culture for over 20 years, I’ve been positively shocked by Gofore’s culture. Feedback doesn’t just run top-down either. Everyone is encouraged to give and ask for feedback, and compliments are shared with the entire team on a Slack channel called #praise. Even the smallest thing can be acknowledged on the #praise thread, but it’s probably always a big deal for those who are thanked and appreciated.

We also make sure any feedback from outside is shared with as many colleagues as possible so that we can all learn, develop, and celebrate wins and accomplishments. And trust me, #praise is not one of those corporate initiatives that are beautiful ideals at first but quietly put to bed as no one keeps them going. There can be ten individual praise messages daily on the channel. This is core to our culture.

Positive culture creates a strong sense of belonging

In my first months with Gofore’s investor relations, I’ve personally had more feedback than in a number of years in most jobs. This positive, caring culture can and should also be extended outside of Gofore. After asking how we’re doing in public, I’ve had the most valuable feedback and concrete input from our external stakeholders on how to develop our investor relations and financial reporting. In this area, as in many others, stakeholder interaction is key to staying relevant and being of service, even differentiating from peers.

Back to the original question and suggested answer. From what I’m seeing, I would go as far as saying that feedback and #praise is one of the strongest building blocks of what Gofore is as a community, workplace, career – and yes, an investment. This is a culture that’s easy to attach and integrate to, that creates a strong sense of belonging – and, I would imagine, is very hard to leave.

Gofore’s culture plays an important role in achieving our strategic goals. Our Culture Booklet is made to help you understand what it is like to work at Gofore and what is expected from our people. Read more!

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The Gofore Crew

Emmi Berlin

Investor Relations

Emmi's job as Gofore's IR Lead is to execute and develop the company's investor communications and reporting, and nurture investor relationships. Emmi is a seasoned communicator, who sees herself as being in a service profession. Here, stakeholders views are carefully listened to, and expectations are met with an active, open handle on things, with the objective to continuously exceed them.

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