Professional development at Gofore

We believe that there are certain things worth pursuing and we base our actions on those. In our collaborative learning environment, teamwork is fundamental, fostering innovative solutions and a deeper understanding among each other.

Embracing self-reflection as a cornerstone for personal and professional growth, our self-managed community empowers Goforeans to take autonomous responsibility for their achievements.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. We aim to provide you with personalised support as you navigate your own Mastery Path and create a goal-oriented plan for your professional development and success, and your People Leader is there to support you on this journey.

Our commitment to removing learning obstacles and prioritising employee well-being reflects in our business perspective, where Gofore invests significantly. Engaged employees contribute to engaged customers, and we encourage continuous self-development while emphasising the importance of strategic planning for a harmonious balance between personal growth and business success.

In our approach, learning is seen as a sum of different elements: Learning by doing, Learning together with own community, and Training to build theoretical basis for a new skill.

Learning by doing

Majority of learning happens in daily work by doing and developing own work.

Majority of learning happens in daily work in customer projects via applying into practice, experimenting, trial and error, getting instant feedback, in other words learning by doing and developing own work.

As a consulting company, we engage in a wide range of diverse client projects, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance your skills through hands-on experience, which is considered the most effective way of learning.

We encourage employees to express their motivations, future goals and interesting projects, and we strive to fulfill these wishes according to opportunities and business needs.

Learning together with own community

Your colleagues are always there to support and inspire your professional growth and success in various ways.

At Gofore, we foster a rich ecosystem of expert communities, where expertise is cultivated both deeply and broadly in collaboration with fellow Goforeans. In customer projects, individuals from diverse skill sets come together to collaboratively solve problems, resulting in a comprehensive enhancement of skills. Additionally, experts in the same domain can mutually support each other in deepening their knowledge in specific areas.

Moreover, Gofore enthusiastically embraces the power of networks and communities. Within these vibrant groups, experts with common interests come together to passionately share, explore, and discover. These dynamic networks promote individual development while collectively broadens horizons alongside like-minded peers.

Training to build theoretical basis for a new skill

Training programs, courses and other macrolearnings spark new knowledge and serve as theoretical basis to build new skills.

The possibility to apply a new skill in practice right after the training is essential for internalizing it and keeping it in mind in the long term. At Gofore, we understand the unique needs of each skill profile and are dedicated to providing personalized support for continuous growth and success.

Gofore Academy serves as a comprehensive hub for both internal and external training opportunities. Through Gofore Academy, we specifically nurture general consulting skills. The significance of this focus can be connected by the essential role these skills play in customer work, aligning with our core values where customer success stands as one of our two guiding principles.

Expertly crafted skills and capability learning paths within the Academy are designed by Gofore professionals to empower colleagues in acquiring and developing skills relevant to their current roles or future positions. We have also established numerous partnerships with external training providers, further diversifying our learning opportunities. Additionally, we utilize various online learning platforms that provide top-rated and engaging courses.

In addition to training opportunities, we have a certification bonus system in place. Completing certain certifications that enhance both your skills and support our capabilities can earn you a bonus!

Be the culture you want to be surrounded by

The work community, and therefore also Gofore as a company, is developed by the efforts of all Gofore people. We support the development of experts in a versatile way, taking individual needs into account. We care!

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