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“Coding unites people from all cultures” – Test Automation Consultant Corey Johnson always roots for the beginner

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Test Automation Consultant Corey Johnson’s job is to ensure that Gofore’s software products meet all expectations and requirements regarding quality and functionality. Working mostly with Python and related frameworks, Corey has often been lauded for his ability to act as a bridge between developers and management making sure everybody understands what needs to be done and why.

“You need to be able to communicate with your team – the tasks are not always direct or clear, so you must decipher what needs to be tested and how. I might often have to build custom testing routines and break down the task to bite-size pieces,” Corey illustrates.

Creative solutions and unorthodox workarounds

Originally from Arizona, Corey has found a passion working in UI development, testing and automation in the past five years. With a background in logistics, he has discovered his professional home in the IT community.

“I love the dynamic, creative, and fast-moving culture. I feel that people are very open-minded and there’s a certain aspect of humanity in coding that brings people from all cultures, religions, languages, and even competing companies together to help one another to achieve common goals and advance the industry.”

He highlights creativity as another important trait in his line of work. Test automation in the telecommunication sector and mobile network development can include tricky surprises that require unorthodox workarounds.

“I have learned a lot about UI and front-end development, databases, design work and project management during my time at Gofore. I see myself becoming a multi-disciplinary professional in the future which is something that seems entirely possible here.”

No boundaries for personal development

Gofore’s culture fosters an individual approach to working. Corey has found that experts are free to arrange their work as they see fit as long as their methods are compatible with their teams and customers.

“There’s a healthy mix of different kinds of people and expertise here. When your employer lets you relax and be the kind of person you are, you can really focus on the work itself. The general vibe is really chill and communal, and we have a lot of inter-team interaction.”

Corey feels that Gofore is a very effective company in helping people become the best they can be. This is illustrated in the myriad of learning possibilities available for employees, as well as plenty of exciting after-work events that encourage Goforeans to get to know one another.

“Gofore supports me in my personal development goals, and I don’t feel there are any boundaries for picking up new technologies or certifications. You can make your skills and interests known internally and somebody can pluck you into a new project that way. Gofore listens to what you want to do and then matches you with a customer that matches your skills and personality.”

An expert helps others grow

For Corey, motivation stems from being able to see yourself improve as a professional.

“A soul-draining high-anxiety work environment wouldn’t suit me. I really love it when I can enter a flow state and lose hours or even days into whatever project I’m working on. It’s great when you learn something by doing and can apply that in the next project. Your own improvement and the positive impact you bring to customers becomes kind of a positive feedback loop that makes me keep coming back for more.”

Gofore’s culture is built on six cornerstones: transparency, trust, ownership, mastery, membership and caring. Mastery entails being always open for feedback and input, as well as taking the time to share your expertise and pass on your knowledge.

“An effective master is someone who guides their students to reach their full potential and wishes for them to exceed their own accomplishments. Having struggled myself with starting over several times in my life, I’m a huge advocate for the beginner. You must strive to understand what your student is going through to help them grow.”

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