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”Everybody feels valued here” – MBD Developer Nimisha Mary Sam learns something new every day

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A firm believer in continuous learning, MBD Developer Nimisha Mary Sam is impressed by the trust Gofore places in their employees.

Originally from Kerala, India, MBD Developer Nimisha Mary Sam develops and tests software for embedded systems at Gofore’s Tampere offices. Working under strict deadlines has taught her the value of time management and a systematic approach.

“Quick problem solving is another important skill in my work. We often need to find alternative solutions for different challenges and be able to switch from one tool to another as needed. Fluid teamwork also requires good communication skills and the ability to look at the bigger picture – the code I write needs to comply with other people’s work and serve the entire project,” Nimisha says.

Shared knowledge benefits the entire team

Many skills can only be learned through real-life experience. Nimisha considers this as one of  Gofore’s key advantages: a low threshold for sharing information means that experienced developers can pool in their knowledge and benefit the entire team with their insight.

“I believe Gofore values their employees and customers equally, and truly cares about the well-being of both. Developers are trusted to make decisions independently, but at the same time there are plenty of ways for getting support if you need it. In my experience, everybody feels valued here.”

Nimisha feels that the Goforean concept of mastery is best illustrated in the company’s attitude towards continuously improving your own skills and challenging the way you and others think about digital solutions. Mastery also means that you have the confidence to reconsider your own decisions and make changes on the fly.

“To become a master at your craft, you must always be open to changes, new tools, and different methods. Our culture really supports this kind of approach: the digital landscape is always changing, so fresh technologies are adopted into our everyday work quickly. As an example, I’m seeing more and more automation and AI creeping into MBD development. Automating repetitive tasks is great, but I’m especially excited about new tools for enhancing decision-making and minimizing human error.”

Exciting challenges fuel professional growth

Having previously worked in more hierarchical organizations, Nimisha has found that Gofore’s company culture is much more suited for agile decision-making and open discussion.

“There is a real sense of community here. Anybody can voice their opinion and question things without having to fear that you’re stepping on someone’s toes. We have such a range of experts that I can ask any question in our Slack workspace and receive an answer almost immediately. I like being around people who can instantly tell if something I’m planning is actually achievable or not.”

Nimisha was originally drawn to Gofore because she felt her expertise matched the company’s projects perfectly. This has been a great starting point for developing her own competence and adopting new technologies in her work.

“I appreciate that my skills are valued here, and I’m given tasks that provide exciting challenges. We have great practices for long-term professional development in place. It becomes kind of a loop: when your employer values your skills, it becomes a responsibility for the employee to give something back.”

Nimisha Mary Sam feels motivated by Gofore’s mission for shaping a more ethical digital world.

“I feel that the work we do here creates actual value and contributes to our society in many ways. Seeing your work translate into a real-life solution is always a thrill!”

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